Mars Enters Virgo on October 15th

Mars Enters VirgoOn Wednesday, October 15th, Mars enters Virgo and things will begin to move for you Virgos out there. Mars always acts as a start up to events and to get things moving in the universe again. However, the combination of Mars in Virgo results in movement without passion, strength of will without compassion.

Detachment, lack of warmth, devotion to a cause, and strength of will define Mars in Virgo. No Virgo, regardless of the other aspects of your chart, is completely immune to this phenomenon. Virgos are generally business oriented and focused, but when Mars enters Virgo on October 15th, 2013 this aspect of your personality goes to the extreme.

During the time that Mars stays in Mercury - for several months - you can put all your energy and efforts into getting organized and organizing everyone and everything around you. It’s time to clean. It’s time to be assertive. Mars will have the energy and Virgo will push for efficiency.

During this time Virgos will be detail oriented to the extreme. Virgo will want to be sure everything is in its place. You should be able to make great progress toward your goals in October. Mars is action oriented while Virgo is practical and efficient. For Virgos this is definitely a time of accomplishment if others stay out of your way.

So what does Mars entering Virgo means for the rest of the signs? Stay out of the way of any Virgo after the 15th of October. Virgos at this time will be critical of anyone or anything that gets in their way. Usually Virgo is nice and gentle, but not with Mars entering their sign.

Virgos are perfectionists to begin with and Mars sends a frenzied energy to the situation. If you work with a Virgo watch out! Don’t offer to do a project for Virgo at this time because there is no way you will be able to do it to their satisfaction and Virgo will devour you when you can’t. It is better for Virgo to do it themselves. They will pay attention to the details in a way that no one else will.

Virgos are pretty hard on themselves as well as anyone else. If you are in a relationship with a Virgo at this time tread lightly. They might attack you but they are much more likely to attack themselves and decide that they can never do anything right. They also tend to worry and Mars will give them more energy for this as well.

The rest of the non-Virgo world will feel the energy to get things done and to be more productive in their lives as Mars moves into Virgo on October 15th. Be prepared for your own increase in energy and that of everyone around you wanting to organize everything!

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