March 27: Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon We live in a world that seems to believe we need to be able to do everything on our own. Even though we have communities and families and marriages and partnerships, there still seems to be an idea that we are weak when we rely on others. But is this the case?

In the energy of the full moon in March, you may want to challenge this idea and challenge any notion that you are someone who has to be self-sufficient all the time. While it’s true that you are accountable for your own happiness, and that you have to take responsibility for your actions, you don’t have to be in the work on your own – far from it.

Instead, take this month and this time of the moon to think about the community you do have – especially the ones that you don’t talk to that often. Make a place to reach out more to the people around you, just to see how they might be able to connect with you and how they might be able to help you.

In turn, you can also reach out to others to offer your support and your help. You might notice something interesting when you do this. People that you know may also want to turn down your help. While you might be perfectly willing to be kind and generous, some may have troubles accepting this outside support.

What can you do to make sure you’re living a life of partnership and community? 

  • Reach out – Before you begin to question the idea of being in community with others, think about how you can reach out to those in your life. Whether this is just a simple note that you’re thinking about them or you send them a text message of support, start reaching outside of yourself.
  • Speak up – Whenever you do have a need, try asking others around you for support before you start to investigate how you can meet your own need. You may find it’s actually easier to get support from others than it is to do the work on your own.
  • Model asking – Even in a group, start asking for help from others, which will allow others to have permission to do the same. When you can begin to create the idea that asking for help isn’t bad or wrong, it becomes less stigmatized and help becomes more acceptable.

The more that you can look for partnerships in your life this month, the more you will begin to see you’re not just a person on their own. You’re a person who has connections, communities, and support all around you.

None of us is ever alone, but it might take you a bit more time to cultivate these relationships when you’re out of practice.

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