Making Changes with Sun Signs

When it comes to living life at its brightest, the sun sign is an important ingredient that makes up who you are. Since the characteristics brought out by the sun sign are easily accessible, it’s high time we start tapping into them. Have you ever had someone say you weren’t acting like yourself? Maybe that’s because you were calling upon the qualities of your sun sign instead of falling into the typical patterns of behavior of your astrological sign. This is good! You need to draw on all aspects of your personality to keep life interesting.   

Here are some suggestions of how each sign can work to draw out the characteristics of the sun sign and in turn, find more enjoyment and creativity out of life. 

Aquarius: This sun sign has an attraction to that which is intellectual. Give over to this desire by attending an art show that others may find pretentious or reading the biography of intellectual heroes. It will be a nice release to discover there are others just like you. 

Pisces: Those with a sun sign in Pisces like to do things outside of the norm. Encourage this part of your personality. Plan original outings at least once a month to keep this creative interest in the world piqued.  

Aries: How often do you tap into a desire to help other people? This quality is part of what drives your sun sign, so take some time to volunteer, lend an ear or take part in a random act of kindness for a stranger. 

Taurus: One quality in your sun sign is the desire for indulgence. On occasion, cheat on that diet. Go to the spa. Buy something luxurious. Giving over to some indulgences will fill your life with little pleasures. 

Gemini: If your sun sign falls under Gemini, there is a creative side of you waiting to be explored. Give into that imagination by taking art, music or creative writing classes. 

Cancer: The desire to develop a close bond can be very strong for those with the Cancer sun sign. Take the time to form that attachment. Perhaps with a puppy, spending more time with family or allowing yourself to spend a long weekend away with a loved one. 

Leo: Generosity is something that makes you feel good. Spend some time donating your time to charity. Provide financial assistance to someone in need. Or simply buy a friend dinner. This act of generosity will make you feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Virgo: A secret desire to criticize might hurt some of your intimate relationships if you do not find a positive outlet. Turn a negative into something good - become an online book, film or art critic. Doing this might save a relationship. 

Libra: Even though the Gemini is the one with the reputation for indecision, those under the sun sign of the Libra can also struggle with this. Have fun with it. Go to a restaurant and allow yourself to order all of the things you cannot decide between. Don’t worry - you can always take extras home and eat for days to come. 

Scorpio: This gentle flower can sometimes get a little to obsessive about small tasks. Rather than always fighting the urge, allow your obsessive streak to reign with an in depth cleaning, organizing or planning job. The attention to detail will settle your mind. 

Sagittarius: This sun sign loves a mental challenge. Take the time to explore that interest in learning with a challenging class, novel or word game. It’s a smart move. 

Capricorn: This introvert is often very popular but enjoys spending time alone. Nurture this inclination towards privacy with a quiet walk in the woods or even a solitary vacation. This sun sign will appreciate this calming retreat.

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