Magic, the Witch, the Spell Caster, the Shaman, Priest or Priestess

Magic is something that is for everyone.  Each of us has the power of magic.  It focuses on asking the universe and the spirits of nature to help guide us to make our wishes come true.  Through magic, energy is drawn to make this happen.  Magic is not something that all people recognize their ability and connection with.  Each of us is connected with the powers of the universe.  Some are lucky and are aware of their power and enter magic into their modern way of life.  There is a lot to learn in the art of magic and many are developing their skills by learning everything they can.  The help of a senior witch or joining a coven can help you to develop your skills as spell casters.  Some are naturally gifted in the art of magic and will benefit greatly. 

A practitioner of magic is called a witch, a shaman, a priest or priestess, or a spell caster. These are individuals that have and believe in the magical powers of the universe; in the ritual of magic and practice sorcery. By learning the craft, they become professional spell casters and witches. There are not only the elements of the universe involved in witchcraft takes knowledge, talent and practice. There are different forms of magic such as Wicca, Voodoo, and Celtic. Through knowledge and practice the spell caster will strengthen their craft.  

Years are spent practicing the craft before one is considered an expert. This is a mastering of powers of the universe and magic and they are able to enable us with their connections. The expert witch and spell caster has a sixth sense that the “normal” human being does not. They possess a harmony with nature and a spirit of magic that lives within them. They know the phase of the moon, specific colors, and the four elements that will make each spell more powerful.   

Spell casting and magic affects us both positively and negatively. If the spell caster is not polished and skilled in her craft, and mixes the wrong herbs, the spell may go astray. Just as the highly skilled spell caster can increase the potency of a spell. 

Today, there are a number of medians for those wanting to cast a spell. While each will have their own uniqueness and their own level of witchcraft such as the specific items they use, there will also be many similarities. 

When seeking a spell caster for darker spells you must be aware that what you practice could harm another. And, that if you are practicing the spell without cause, it may come back on you.  Magic should always be practiced with good intentions and a good heart.  Not for emotions such as jealousy or self-gratifying reasons.   

There are many spells that benefit all of us such as: 

Love Spells
Health Spells
Money Spells
Career Spells
Finance Spells
Education Spells 

Finding an authentic spell caster or beginning to gain knowledge in the art of magic will require research.  There are authentic spell casters and listen to both the knowledge you gain through your research, and your intuition.

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