Leo Full Moon – January 26-27

Leo Full Moon As the long month of January comes to an end, it becomes clear that the energy of the world has already begun to change in larger ways than estimated. We have begun to sense that the idea of individuality isn’t as important as we once thought it to be. Though we realize that we are unique and separate, perhaps we can affect greater change when we can also realize we are a part of a larger community.

In the time since solstice, there have been many discussions about what the new time of new consciousness might include. Since the end of the world didn’t happen, it’s clear we are ending some sort of thought process. Some might say that we are opening our eyes to new ways of thinking about how we can work together. In the recent past, there has been so much focus on how we should all work hard to build up our own security, but what about building up the safety and health for the entire world?

It’s a big task, to be sure, and for those who are ready to make the shift in their thinking, it’s not something that will happen overnight. You may need to focus on telling others about the things you are thinking too, since there is more power in numbers and more joy when you work as a team. Think about starting a group that can energize itself and each other. When you gather together to talk about what you think the shift of consciousness might include, you can also start to figure out how to make those changes happen.

To bring the world into a community consciousness, it can help to: 

  • Do more in group settings – If you find you’re a solitary person, it can help to get out of the house and try to do more than you might normally choose to do. You need to get out and help others or just be with others so you’re not living in your own head, oblivious to the needs of others.
  • Encourage larger discussions – The more you can get others to talk and to be involved in discussions, the more people will focus on being part of a collective group, rather than just talking for themselves or for a particular interest.
  • Ask more questions of others – When a group seems to be having troubles interacting with each other, it can help to continue to ask questions about what people think of the world’s changes. People want to talk about their ideas, though they might need encouragement from others to start.

As the full moon emerges in Leo, it’s clear that we are growing just as the light grows. We are reaching out to others and we are ready to become a part of something bigger. The real work begins outside of our homes and outside of our comfort zones.

Are you ready to start growing into the new consciousness and into the new world?

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