Learning More about Astrology

Astrology LearningThe trick with learning about astrology is that there’s a lot to learn and a lot to glean from the learning. Whether you’re trying to learn about a specific issue in your life or you’re trying to find out more about the time when you were born, astrology doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. Instead, you can learn more about astrology by simply looking up at the sky.

Learn about Your Sun Sign

A good way to begin your astrology lessons is to learn more about the Sun sign under which you were born. You can begin with a simple online search of your Sun sign’s attributes, or you can begin reading your horoscope everyday to see what is happening for you, according to those who know astrology more intimately. Look for patterns in your life and how you relate to those events. You may find that you don’t agree with your Sun sign’s attributes or that you’re not seeing the suggested events happening. These are all things to learn and things to understand about your life, giving you a richer meaning about what it means to have been born when you were born.

Look at the Sky

Another way to begin to learn about astrology is to look up at the night sky. Even if you live in the city, you should be able to see certain stars and constellations in the sky as you look up. See what figures are coming up in the sky at any given time, and then look to see if you are able to see patterns that are represented in your life as well. You might find, for example, that when you see Orion in the sky, that you are more likely to have struggles or that you feel that you have to fight in your life more often. No matter what you find, look to see what is present when you look up at one particular area of the sky. Things change, just as your life changes, allowing you to begin to understand what it all means for you.

Journal about Your Life

You may also want to start journaling about your life and what is happening to you at any given time. As you do so, you will begin to notice that there are certain patterns. If you see these patterns emerge, begin to look up the astrological convergences that are also happening in your area. You might find there are correlations and connections you may not have noticed before. In time, you might begin to notice that certain planetary alignments happen during specific events in your life, allowing you to then predict what might be an issue for you in the coming weeks and months.

No matter what you do to explore astrology, realize that this is a process that takes time. While you may want to learn everything all at once, this is not necessarily possible – or helpful. Instead, watch the patterns emerge as those who first began to see astrological changes. And from there, you can take in the lessons and determine how they might inform your life.

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