Learning Astrology Terminology

Learn Astrology Terms PhotoWhen you’re trying to learn more about astrology, it’s easy to get bogged down by the terms you need to learn. After all, there are a number of different ways to describe how the stars move across the sky, which can impact the way that you might give a reading to someone else. While it might seem easier to speak in general terms, it’s a good idea to learn the basics of astrology terminology in order to best serve the person whose chart you are reading – as well as to educate yourself.

Basic Words to Learn

As you begin to dive more deeply into astrology, you will want to learn about the basic terms of:

• Ascendant: The sign and degree on the cusp of the First house, in the eastern horizon in most charts.

• Aspects: The different ways in which pieces of the chart relate to each other.

• Conjunction: This occurs when two planets are in the same sign.

• Cusp: The cusp is located at the beginning of the house or the sign in a birth chart, helping to point out strong aspects.

• Grand Trine: When you hear about the idea of three planets, each in their own sign of the same element (earth, air, fire, or water), this is known as a grand trine.

• Retrograde: This occurs when the planets appear to move backward in the sky.

• Square: Also called a quadrate, quartile or tetragon, a square is found in the fourth harmonic, or 90°.

• Transiting: This is the situation in which a planet appears to be moving into a new position.

How to Use Astrology Terms

While you maybe tempted to use these words in all of your astrology readings, know that not everyone understands what they mean. It can be helpful instead to spend time defining these words first and then talking about what this means in relation to the chart. Though you may not completely educate a person about the terms, you can begin to show them that there is a reason why certain things are said to be in conjunction, for example.

You can also look at these terms as ways to show relationships between different parts of a chart. This can inform the way in which the chart will be interpreted and it can allow a person to begin to notice when these changes occur. From there, they can begin to understand what his or her chart means and how it can influence the decisions they make in their lives.

The key is to make sure you’re not using only terms when giving an astrology reading. While they can certainly be informative to a seasoned astrologer, they can also bog down the listener who has less experience. Focus instead on what the chart might be speaking to and then give the terms to create a strong connection.

You will not learn these terms overnight, in many instances, but the more background you have about the way that astrology works, the more information you can give to others. More you can read in Astrological Terms

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