Knowledge of Black Magic Spells

Black magic is a taboo for many people.  This is simply because it is a mystery and considered wickedness- something evil that is practiced and performed with ill effects on another.  Between practitioners and religious philosophers thee subject of black magic remains disputed.  Black magic spells are commonly believed to have begun with our Celtic forefathers hundreds of years ago.  Today the Celtic religion that took form in the pre-Christian paganism in Europe is known as Wicca and practices a naturalistic method of daily life.  

Black magic spells are cast for a number of reasons.  They may be cast to banish someone from your life or to harm someone else.  For example, should you have lost a love to another, you may cast a spell for the person to become ill or harm them in some way.- perhaps through their appearance or through the lost of a job in order for your former lover to lose interest in them.  Or they can also be practiced to acquire riches and fortune without being concerned on the affect it may have on others.  When the affects of others are not considered and the spell may have a negative outcome on another person, it is considered black magic. 

The main purpose of black magic spells is to cause harm or damage to others or to gain quick power or wealth, or to disturb others furthering yourself against your competitors.  When performed properly, the damage can be devastating with black magic spells.  When cast properly they will be successful so it is important to know the affects that the spell may have prior to casting it. 

Although black magic is considered one of the most powerful forms of magic, it must be practiced wisely.  There are consequences with black magic such as it possibly backfiring on you and coming back to haunt you.  You must be certain that the subject that you are casting the spell upon deserves his punishment or the punishment may be put on you.  Black magic is believed to enrage and secure fast results for the spell caster; however, it is not a recommended path.  There are dark and malevolent forces involved in black magic and one must be extremely careful when casting black magic spells.  Performing a spell incorrectly can cause severe outcomes for the caster.   

Black magic is not a form of white magic.  White magic is practiced to bring serenity and harmony to the world while black magic is practiced with intent to harm or cheat.  It is necessary to know the craft before practicing or getting involved with black magic.  

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