Is a New Business Opportunity in the Stars?

Have the heavens ordained a new business opportunity for you this year? Find your sign to find out what is written in the stars.

Aries - Leave the office behind, but think before you act. Your impulsive streak teamed with your naivety may conspire with your strong inner child to lead you into foolish ventures.

Taurus - Starting your own business generally requires much more people-time than you want, so if you’re looking for a start-up opportunity, make sure it’s one you can do from behind a computer screen.

Gemini - Look for an unorthodox opportunity that will appeal to your need for adventure and harness your broad but shallow knowledge base. Consider bringing on a partner who can manage the finances, as that is outside of your strength zone.

Cancer - You need someone else there to keep you on an even keel and provide you with the security and affirmation you crave. A flexible work arrangement is advisable, but avoid situations that would be harmed by your waxing and waning.

Leo - Consider starting a business but choose your employees carefully, as you require loyalty and certainly have no qualms about cutting people loose. Let charisma inspire your team.

Virgo - You may hang out your own shingle as a counselor or healer, or set out on overseas humanitarian work, but you may be just as happy nursing the sick in a hospital setting or serving as a valuable member of a think tank.

Libra  -  Starting your own business may be the only way to pursue your ideals and make your fantasies a reality. Libras are excellent business-owners, so go for it and don’t be afraid to start again if your first ventures fail.

Scorpio - Under the  right circumstances, your wisdom and leadership can make your ventures very successful but be wary of being your own boss. Instead, partner up and let the good times roll.

Sagittarius - Your tendency to believe that anything is possible may have you leaping before you look. Weigh your options carefully before making any life-changing decisions but if you do make the plunge, aim high ��" you’re the Archer; it’s what you do.

Capricorn - You may as well set out on your own business, Capricorn, since the truth is, no one can do it as well as you. You’ll be most comfortable in a smaller business model where you are the one getting your hands dirty and you are calling all the shots.

Aquarius -  Put your mind to work on solving the world’s problems and then work to see your ideas become a reality. Your brain may hold the next light bulb, mass transportation mode, or clean fuel solutions.

Pisces - Owning your own business could provide the freedom and flexibility you need to reconcile your dual nature. If you do set out on your own, be sure it’s with a partner who can keep you grounded and accountable.

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