In-Laws and Astrology: Let Astrology Help You Relate to your In-laws

It’s that time of year! Wedding bells are ringing love is blooming… and young people everywhere are inheriting new families. Some people get lucky. The in-laws are pleasant, easy-going and offer little disruption to a young couple’s new life. Other people are not so lucky… they inherit in-laws who they simply cannot get along with. This is typically because the in-laws clash with their astrological sign.

This can be incredibly frustrating. Most of us want to be happy, healthy and rich in our relationships. It’s the rare person who will say, “Today, I’m looking for a fight.” But if you inherit in-laws who simply do not match up with any part of your personality, it may seem that way. Don’t turn your marriage certificate in just yet! It is possible to create a rich, harmonious relationship with your in-laws, in spite of your astrological differences.

To better manage your relationship with the in-laws, isolate the problem. Find out the birth date of all parties involved. Then, start doing your research.

If your in-laws share a sign with you, odds are good that you have more in common than you think. This can lead to a great friendship down the road but it can also result in a ridiculous amount of head butting as you learn to deal with each other. For example, Aries and Aries love relationships are filled with passionate discord. This translates into Aries non-sexual relationships as well.

If you share a sign, you will most likely butt heads because you both want the same thing. However, it can also give you a leg up on understanding the other person. If you understand what the other person wants, you can make the choice to give it to them. Make a commitment to helping your in-laws get what they want – and we are not talking about indoor or outdoor seating at a restaurant. We mean core, sign-oriented desires such as being the center of attention, the leader, the expert, the caretaker or whatever it is that drives them – and they will be much more likely to help you get what you want.  Helping someone to achieve their core desire will help them feel happy, comfortable and much greater affection for you.

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a same-sign relationship or not, the overall principle remains the same. Learn what drives your in-laws. Once you understand this, you can take the necessary steps to give them what they want… part of the time. This slight compromise should make a major difference in your relationship.

Remember, you can’t change other people. You can only change yourself. Take the time to study your charts or even just your astrological sign to determine what it is that makes you tick. Once you understand yourself, you will have a much easier time finding common ground with someone else.

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