How to Prepare for Your Psychic Reading

How to Prepare for Your Psychic ReadingOnce you have found a psychic that you want to work with, you’re probably eager to have your first reading and receive insights to help you live more fully and reach your goals. If it’s your first reading, though, you want to prepare so you can get the most from the experience.


Ask the Right Questions

An effective psychic reading is not a game of “20 Questions.” Asking the medium yes or no questions like “Should I quit my job?” or “Will I meet someone?” will result in nothing more than a yes or no answer. If that’s what you’re looking for, great. However, most people want more than vague answers from their readings.

Instead, before your reading, think of a few questions that will allow you to gain insight into the true heart of the issue you’re facing. A question like “Please talk to me about what’s keeping me unsatisfied with my career,” or “Please talk to me about my romantic relationships” will allow for deeper insights and more enlightening information. Ask more questions for clarification if necessary. You’ll leave the session feeling as if you learned something actionable — and may even be on the path toward reaching your goals.

Set Your Expectations

In addition to formulating questions, take some time to determine what you’re hoping to gain from the reading. Are you looking for insight into a relationship? Do you need guidance in your career? Are you at a crossroads and in need of some advice on which direction you should take? The key to a successful reading is having an idea of what you really hope to gain from it — and being prepared to hear what the psychic has to tell you.

A good psychic is not going to simply tell you what you want to hear. If friends or family have reported negative experiences with psychics, there’s a good chance that those experiences stem from the fact that they did not hear the news they were hoping for or because they interpreted the reader’s words how they wanted to, not necessarily how the words were meant. Go into your reading with the understanding that the psychic is there to provide honest, enlightening and empowering information. He or she is not there to hurt you, but to help you clarify problems in your life. Therefore, be prepared for honest words that might not be what you want to hear, but are what you need to hear.

Managing Skepticism

When you’re meeting with a psychic for the first time, either online or in person, it’s normal to have at least some skepticism. Until you get to know someone and learn to trust their readings, you’re likely to wonder whether his or her insights are accurate.

However, avoid letting skepticism affect the meeting. Don’t try to mislead or hide things from the psychic as a “test.” When you do, you’ll disrupt the energy flow and reduce the quality of the reading. It’s better to enter the reading with an open mind and heart and answer questions and provide information openly and honestly. You’ll have a better reading — one that will most likely do away with your skepticism forever.

Preparing for your psychic reading in advance allows you to gain more from the experience. With the right questions, an open mind and a willingness to accept what the medium will tell you, your reading is more likely to be helpful and enjoyable.

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