Host An Astrological Party

Want to host a party that will delight all of your friends? Host an astrological party! This can be a fun way to educate your friends and acquaintances on all of the intricacies of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and creating a night few will forget. Here are some suggestions on planning this event: 

Pick a Significant Date Holding your party on a significant date is a great way to introduce the concept of astrology to your friends. You can choose something significant on a global level, such as the summer solstice, or simply choose a day when something exciting is happening in the heavens! Either way, design your party around this date. Let the driving force behind the day be the theme of the party.  


Choose invitations that reflect the theme of the date you have chosen. Include a one or two line call to action that explains the significance behind the date. For example: Join us to celebrate the entrance of Mars into Sagittarius! Get ready for fun... which shouldn’t be difficult, as we will all be influenced by the open minded mentality unfolding in the heavens.  


The activities of your astrological party should fall under the overall theme, but if is your first time throwing an astrological party, much of the fun for your friends will come from the introduction to astrology. Use the following activities to teach your friends about the astrological signs and then, incorporate some date specific games around your theme?

 -  Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign? 

Give everyone in the party a list of astrological signs and where they fall by birthday. Choose five friends who have different signs. Put them in charge of finding three like-signs as quickly as possible, by asking, “Hey, baby. What’s your sign?” Whichever group finds three like-signs the fastest, wins. Note: Make it illegal to walk around the party saying, “Aries? Who’s an Aries?” or similar. 

- I am... 

Write out the top three qualities of each astrological sign on pieces of paper. Divide the party into two teams. Like charades, have volunteers act out the three qualities of one of the astrological signs. Whichever group identifies the sign first gets a point. Be ready! Those fire signs are going to try and win!

-  Compatibility Test 

Create sheets that explain which signs are compatible and why. Assign everyone buttons to wear that say their astrological sign. Have everyone walk around the party and mingle, identifying at least three people at the party they are compatible with and why.  


The sky is the limit when it comes to planning refreshments for an astrological parties. Give all of your refreshments clever names, related to the astrological signs. Be sure to have ample plates, silverware and napkins that showcase the moon and the stars. 

Plan that Party! 

Whatever you choose to do, planning an astrological party is meant to be fun. There are so many creative ways you can demonstrate your love for astrology. So, get to planning and be sure to reach for the stars.

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