Hey Baby, Whats Your Sign: Planning Your Pregnancy Based on Astrology

Many parents wish for nothing more than a healthy baby. Yet moms to be who are interested in astrology often think about the importance of compatibility with their child.

Of course, we’re speaking of general compatibility. Signs can be compatible on several different levels, based on time, date and the position of the moon. These are specific factors that would be nearly impossible to plan for.

Although some might argue that astrological manipulation is as immoral as say, playing with DNA to manipulate the appearance of your child, those who believe in astrology feel this type of conception is a valuable resource.

  Wanting to have a child compatible with your astrological sign makes sense. Although raising your children to be positive, healthy and happy adults is the primary goal, doing what you can to get along with them along the way can only you’re your relationship. Just think ��" all of those fights during the teen years might actually be productive if your sign is compatible with your child’s. In fact, you might even know what makes them tick.

Managing this type of relationship can be very interesting. For example, if you plan to give birth to a baby under a particular sign, it’s important to match up the factors for their whole life. When your child is an adult, you will want him or her to be someone you could be friends with. When he or she is a child, you want to be certain you will be able to earn the proper respect to raise them right. Finding the right compatibility goal is important.

Of course, your partner will need to be factored into this equation. It takes two to create life and unless you and your partner are a perfect match, it will take some compromise to agree on just the right match. Getting your charts done or speaking with an astrologist can help you achieve this goal.

If you are planning to conceive a baby of a particular sign, keep in mind that the universe may have different plans. Although it is possible to calculate an ovulation cycle and deliberately get pregnant nine months short of a sign, life happens. Any expectant mother will tell you that baby is going to enter the world when it feels like it. Your baby could be premature, born on a cusp or even arrive late. Regardless of what type of little life you end up with, remember that compatibility isn’t only based on an astrological sign. In the end, the prevailing force is love.

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