Get Organized with Help from the Stars

Out with the old, in with the new! Such a refreshing sentiment when it comes to caring for the house... well, for a Leo and Virgo perhaps. These born organizers probably have their house in such excellent order that they need to take little time to keep up with their systems. For the rest of the signs, organization can seem a bit more daunting.  

Don’t worry!  Regardless of your sign, getting organized is possible. You just have to get started. Here are three easy tips to get you organized in a hurry. Starting with one room at a time, use the following tips to get your house in order, regardless of what sign you may be. Let’s use the bathroom as the prototype, as it is typically the smallest room in the house.  

Step One: Throw it Away The Cancer, known for occasionally being a pack rat, might have a hard time with this first step. Trust us - it can, will and must be done to get your house in order.

-   Grab two big garbage bags.
-   Drawer by drawer, closet by closet, throw away all items that have not been used in a year. If you feel more comfortable donating these items to charity, have one bag for donations and the other for trash.
-   Once you have thrown everything away that you have not touched, start the process over. A second sweep is mandatory as, first round, you probably missed some things as you got in the rhythm. Second round is your chance to make that right. Libra, don’t you dare do this three times to make sure you do it perfectly. Two is enough. 

Step Two: Buy Some Bins 
-   Go to the local dollar store or discount store. Purchase at least ten, shoebox size bins to hold your toiletries. Ensure they are small enough to fit in your drawers, shelves and cupboards.
-   On a piece of paper, create a category for each bin. For example, everyday item bin. This bin will hold all of the items you use on a daily basis. Other bins might be labeled: medicine, wash cloths, make-up, etc.
-   Place the bins on your shelves, arranging them for functionality and aesthetic appeal.   

Step Three: Place your Items Aries: You were probably excited about this project in the beginning and have lost interest. Hang in there! You’re just about done!!! 
-   Sort through your items and place them into the bins. Think in terms of placement, functionality and common sense.
-   Throw away or donate any additional items that do not fit into the bins.
-   Round two, resort through your items and shuffle to the correct bin.  

Now that you’ve completed one room, you know the formula. Once everything has a place, it will be so much easier to keep everything in its place.  

Happy organizing!

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