Get lucky this Saint Patrick's Day 2015 with our 7 lucky tips!

Saint Patrick's DayToday may be your lucky day! Before you leave your house to attend the nearest celebratory parade, here are some things you can do to have a luck-of-the-Irish kind of day!


1. Hang a Horseshoe in your House Some believe the ends should point up so that good luck can collect in the storage-like container!

2. Pick a Four Leaf Clover The uncommon plant, which typically has three leaves, is said to bring good luck to those who find it, especially if they stumble upon the magical clover by accident.

3. Lucky Rabbit Foot It is believed that carrying around the foot of a rabbit will bring good luck. Although there are variations of this superstition (how/when/where the animal was caught) it all boils down to turning a rabbit foot into an amulet.

4. Don’t Duck Under A Flock Having the misfortune of getting droppings on your head or car from a bird is also, strangely, a sign of good luck. According to some beliefs, money will come your way if you suffer from getting hit with bird feces.

5. Knock on Wood To avoid tempting fate after an unfavorable comment, the best thing to do, per superstitions, is to quickly knock on wood for protection.

6. Spilling Salt While spilling salt is seen as an evil omen, throwing the cooking spice over ones left shoulder is used to protect from wickedness creeping behind them.

7. Tend to the Garden It is said that to ensure luck, one should plant roses and lavender in their garden. The word lavender derives from the Latin word “Lavare,” which means to wash and could be interrupted of cleansing the soul from evil.

Click on the clover to bring the luck of the irish into your life:

Saint Patrick's Day


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