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GentlemanJim58"I began realizing that I had special gifts to see past & future events at an early age. So did my father since he believed that I was being possessed. He sent me to a priest when I was a teenager who interviewed me. After the interview, the priest later explained to my father that I was "precocious" with "wisdom beyond my years". In his way, the priest was trying to explain to my father that I was not possessed but rather, I had special talents that should not be ignored.

I am able to interpret dreams, see events of the past as well as events of the future. I can work with almost any situation that concerns you.

Feel free to stop by my Free Chat to say “Hi”. If you happen to catch one of my demos, please note that they are intended to be educational for everyone, not just answers for one person’s questions. Perhaps you will be one of the lucky members to win free credits after I reach 35,000 completed readings (which is not far away now).

Many thanks to my many members! I'm truly grateful to all of you that have trusted me to help you & that have helped me remain one of Oranum's top experts! I feel very fortunate that I have helped make a difference in the lives of so many including the 4 lives rescued from death.

My goal is to help you sleep well for a lifetime, not just a single night. Oranum has truly been a great forum for me and for us, to help so many in their times of dire need."

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