Gemini Solar Eclipse May 20

Solar Eclipse May 2012While you might have been wondering when the new moon will take place in May, there’s a special occurrence happening during this month. This month’s new moon will also be a solar eclipse, a time of great power and importance in the astrological world. Not only is this a time of a unique energy, but it’s also an opportunity for you to create a new way of living your life.

The Duality of the World

When you look at the aspects of Gemini’s energy, the most powerful part is the duality of this sign. As this sign is the twins, it makes sense that the energy will be one of two sides, one of looking to see what you hold in your life and in your consciousness. Though there is a desire to find just one way to be, we need to realize that we’re often in paradox with ourselves and with our energies. If you stop to think about the way you approach life, you can see the duality that informs it.

We look at the world not only from the way it is, but also the way we want it to be. While we’d like to have those energies line up, this isn’t always the case. Instead, we see that we’re often at odds with reality, trying to create it anew or trying to change it completely. This powerful moon is a time when you can begin to notice the ways in which your thinking is dual and then make decisions about how you can hold both parts as being true and helpful.

The Bigger Picture

What this energy of the Gemini influence offers is the ability to see the bigger picture. When you’re not constrained by just what’s in front of you, you can begin to see there are more options than you may be giving yourself. While you might think there is ‘one’ way of doing things, if you look at the bigger picture, you can see that this one decision, while important, is not the only option you have. Additionally, this moon offers the opportunity to become less worried about all of the little things that pile up right now. After all, while a situation might seem important today, in the grander scheme of things, it may not be as important as once believed.

During this solar eclipse, you will have an opportunity to think not only about how you see the world, but what you might be overlooking. With the sun falling into darkness for a time, you can begin to look inwardly to see what might be possible, what might not be spoken. Though you may have times when you can’t see the ‘right’ path, this is a time when you can begin to see there are many right paths that can lead to the same destination. Open up your mind to the possibility that there is more available to you than you believe. Sometimes, the answer is multi-faceted.

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