Gemini New Moon – June 19

Gemini New Moon JuneThe sign of Gemini is one that is associated with duality and with the idea that two things can be present at the same time. When combined with the energy of the new moon, and the summer solstice just a day later, it’s clear that there are many energies being brought to life in this month of 2012. If you are begin to understand how to bring the concept of duality into your life, you can begin to see how these energies not only play, but how they inform changes you need to make in your life.

It’s All About Change

Just as the energy of the moon shifts when you are moving through the month, so does the energy of your life. While it might have seemed that this year (and its moons) has been about nothing but change, this is the case every year and every month. The movement of energy is what keeps the world in place and what allows you to continue to move forward in your life. When you can embrace change during your life, you allow it to become a tool of your life, rather than some sort of outside force that makes you do things you don’t want to do.

You Can Break Through

In physics, you learn that matter cannot be created or destroyed, which seems to be the opposite of what the actual truth is. It can seem as though things are being created every day, but this matter is actually from other forms of matter. What does this lesson have to do with the new moon? In looking at the energy of duality that is associated with Gemini, you will want to consider the idea that breaking things down is actually what can help you break through to new landscapes and to new patterns in your life. While you might want to simply change what you have now, maybe it’s time to break some things in order to build them up again.

The Many Ideas in Your Head

The energy of duality is one that can seem overwhelming in a new moon period, especially if this isn’t already a concept that you use. If you’re not already used to thinking that two ideas can be present without canceling the other out, then this energy can be uncomfortable. Instead, it can help to think about the fact that having too many ideas is actually a very good thing, rather than a burden. Get a journal out and write down all of your ideas, even the ones you think are silly or impossible.

During this new moon, stop and think about how you can keep track of all of the new ideas you have. This will help you to figure out what is shouting out to you and what can be left alone for another day and another moon’s energy. During this time of newness the idea of change arrives again, but you are the one that is in charge of creating the manner in which this change occurs.

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