Fun Birthday Present: Get a Chart

Finding the perfect birthday gift can be difficult. Have you considered gifting a chart? Since astrology is based around aspects of the birthday, there is nothing more appropriate than a well thought out astrological chart to surprise your friend… or to give yourself. There are several companies online that offer to create charts.  You can pay to purchase a chart from a professional or you can visit one of the many free sites that offer free horoscope charts. is a quick and easy site that doesn’t attempt to capture your email or any information you do not want to give. It simply asks where you were born, in what city, at what time and whether you are a male or female. If this is a gift, you will have to figure out a sneaky way to obtain this information from your friend. Typically, contacting someone close to your friend to help with the process is a good plan.

Once you have entered the pertinent information, the chart pops up instantly upon results. If you want to print out a copy in a PDF form, you will need to join the site. However, it is possible to simply print out the chart based on your general computer settings. Since this is part of a birthday gift situation, you should attempt to make the chart as eye catching as possible.

Once you have your hands on a chart for your friend, you should consult a book or an astrological expert to read the chart. To the untrained eye, it will appear to be a mess of symbols and lines that appear to say nothing at all. In fact, the chart contains detailed information on the ascending sign, the sun sign, where the planets appear and the aspects. There is much, much more information contained within a basic chart but these factors are a good place to start.

If this is a gift, create a brief analysis of these various details in the chart. It’s your choice how in depth to go as any astrological analysis could easily go on for pages. Be certain to make your particular analysis applicable to the life of your friend – adding personal comments throughout will help make this exciting gift even more personal.

Astrology is interesting for everyone. Don’t waste another one of your friends’ birthdays with a predictable bottle of wine and box of chocolates. Invest in an astrological diagram for a gift that will truly be off the charts. 

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