Full Moon in Taurus November 10

November of 2011 is shaping up to be a powerful reminder to everyone that change is possible, so long as we embrace it instead of avoiding it.  When the full moon is in Taurus on November 10, this becomes a time when the reasons for this change become more apparent and more important than ever.  Do we choose to create the life that truly supports us?  Do we decide to focus on what really matters or do we continue to live a life that simply works because it’s the easier route to take? 

What Matters to You? 

As we begin to shift to the fullness of the moon, it’s a time to take stock in our lives, to begin to create a life that supports our goals and our purposes.  Perhaps this is a time to list the things that are occurring in your life and decide whether these things are truly helping you toward your greater goals, or not.  If you find that your life isn’t filled with things that make you happy, it’s time to determine whether you can release these things or people or situations with love and with gratitude for their lessons.  Today, determine what matters most to you in this world, and then begin to visualize what your life should look like as a result. 

Listening to Ourselves 

Many times, we already know what we need to do in order to change our lives.  We know that certain things aren’t working to support us and we know that we need to make radical changes.  But we don’t always trust ourselves.  We don’t always listen to the voices and to the intuition in our minds and bodies that implore us to do things differently.  Stop for a few minutes today and write out everything that is in your brain for ten minutes.  Don’t stop writing until the time is over, allowing your subconscious to take over for a bit.  Let the words flow and at the end of the time, circle all of the words that are powerful or meaningful to you.  When you look at these words, you will begin to see what your inner knowing is trying to say. 

Reform Happens When We Let It 

Change is in the air during this full moon, helping us to see that bigger changes in our lives and in our communities are possible.  It’s no surprise that the world is trying to reform itself, showing up as protests and the 99% movement.  We are in a time of opportunity for change, but only if everyone listens to what is being said and what holds the most value.  Perhaps this is the best time to find compromise and power in that discussion, instead of simply focusing on the way YOU want things to be.  How can your ideas serve the greater good?  Only when that question is answered can reform happen in a meaningful way. 

As the full moon rises on November 10, look to see how you can make your life fuller as well, knowing what is valuable to you and what might offer value to those around you.

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