Full Moon in Aquarius on July 22nd and What it Means for You

Full Moon in Aquarius Does the fact that there is a full moon in the sign of Aquarius on July 22nd have any meaning for all of us? Is it meaningful to those who are born under this sign of Aquarius? Or is it only meaningful to those born on the 22nd? Let’s look at how astrologists view this coming phenomenon of a full moon in Aquarius.


The full moon in Aquarius could seem to mean all those things in the song from the 1960’s, “harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding”. This is because the full moon in Aquarius on July 22nd is a time for change – monumental and impactful change for the better.

Previous to the full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd we have been in an astrological pattern of being stuck, and this pattern has been in place since 2008 with Saturn and Uranus in opposition. Society has become more polarized and the energies for change have become pent up. With the full moon move into Aquarius, these energies for change will be released. Many will experience profound changes and awakenings in their individual lives and within the groups and institutions to which they belong.

These changes could open doors that we have not be able to open in a long, long time. Hopefully this will give us a broader perspective on issues both personal and global, allowing us to see solutions we have not been able to see. The full moon in Aquarius will free the energy that has been blocked for so long.

The moon in Aquarius is reasonable and cool, and the sun in Leo is joyous and heartfelt. Together they are a realistic celebration of life – a time of hope and renewed vision. With this vision we can move forward again instead of being stuck. This is a time of social movement of challenging the status quo with the truth. We may see hints of this on the news these days or in our families or friends. If this is to be productive change it requires a healing of the mind and heart from all of us who have been stuck or who have been hurt during the previous cycles.


The interesting news is that we are all impacted. All of us will feel the pull toward change. It is up to the individuals whether the change is for the better or not. All things are aligned for it to be positive, but we all know we have the ability to make it negative as well.

Aquarians are especially impacted. For them this is an intense time of change and it is a turning point in their lives regardless of what they choose to do with it. The energy is there for Aquarians to make major positive changes in their lives, their communities and the world. For Aquarians it is a special time as there is another full moon in Aquarius in August 2013. Look closely at your relationships – intimate and social – and see what positive changes you can make.

This is a time for Aquarians to look closely at the things they hold dear – because Aquarians are probably pretty stubborn when it comes to what they believe – they hold their beliefs very dear. Now is the time to reflect on those beliefs –look at their core and get rid of anything that is holding you back from following your dreams and goals. Step forward now and let go of fear.


All of us should be open and aware as the full moon appears in Aquarius. This is a time of free thinking even being shaken out of our doldrums by events and outcomes that are unexpected and unprecedented. These events will come to force us to see the real vision of the future…the ideal that we have only had glimpses of in our life. This ideal will come more to the forefront and we will be challenged to meet it.

The full moon in Aquarius is a challenge to all of our best selves to come out and be shown to the world. A call to our best selves to be alive and active in the world. It will not be easy. The world, however, is crying for us to use this energy that will be available to us for healing and growth.

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