Full Moon Full of Surprises and Opportunities

Full Moon Full of Surprises and OpportunitiesOn November 17th, 2013 there will be another full moon. Each full moon has its own significance and this one will be no different. So what is the story for the November 17th full moon and what will it mean for you? What sign will it fall into and how will that impact anyone?

Full Moon in Taurus

This particular full moon on November 17th, 21013 is going to be in the Taurus sign rather than Scorpio. However, the energy from Taurus is very similar to that from Scorpio as well as from Cancer and Capricorn. Everyone with any of these four signs will be most affected by this particular full moon on a very personal level.

The sign of Taurus is about hard work and what you value in your life, so this full moon will increase that tug at your heart. This means you will want to pay more attention to what you value whether it is a thing or a person. There are three planets that will support this particular full moon and they include Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.

What is the Impact of These Planets as They Support This Full Moon in Taurus?

Jupiter is well known for her ability to bring you new opportunities and good luck. This means that you will have many opportunities for good luck surrounding what you value most in your life. At the same time Uranus will be the bearer of surprise at this full moon. Your most valued item might come to you in a surprise form or bring you a surprise gift of good luck.

The third planet in operation here is Saturn, which will attempt to bring some sense of security and stability in this time. You need Saturn to keep you grounded while receiving Uranus’s surprises and Jupiter’s opportunities. This full moon in Taurus on November 17th, 2013 is likely to be a time of change in your life and it should be a change for the better.

Clarity from Mercury

At the same time Mercury will turn from its retrograde state at this time and things will become much clearer in moving forward. It is a time for gathering around the comforts of life. Things such as good food, good friends, and good music will fill you with warmth and joy as you settle into Taurus and contemplate your next move.

This full moon brings you the energy of Pluto and an opening for tremendous potential in whatever you choose to pursue. Make your plans now and name what it is you are looking for. This will allow the full moon’s energy to manifest in your dreams. The full moon of November 17th, 21013 gives you the insight you now need to make your dreams come true and Jupiter’s energy to protect you in your quest.

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