Follow the Stars to Find Your Dream Job

Many people who find themselves looking for work in a difficult economy are using this chance to pursue their dream job - the one that will make it worth rolling out of bed in the morning, or make early mornings obsolete. Experts agree one of the most important predictors of job success and satisfaction is fit - how well the job in question meshes with the individual’s talents, skills, and personality. With so many traits and tendencies revealed by your Zodiac sign, the stars are a great place to begin when searching for your path to employment success and happiness.

Aries - While an Aries loves to lead others, they tend to prefer leading others on adventures that appeal to their inner child. Aries would enjoy business ventures involving adventure, travel, and action.

Taurus - The Taurus craves security and predictability, and will therefore enjoy working with data, objects, or than with people. Taurus also enjoys a work environment that will allow quiet time for pursuing their strong, secret inner life and that does not include frequent change or conflict. They make excellent programmers, veterinarians, and engineers.

Gemini - The most mysterious of the signs, Gemini is pulled to exotic careers like travel writer, novelist, investigations, and covert operations. With a love and affinity for languages, Gemini makes a great translator or interpreter.

Cancer - The moon sign, a Cancerian will need a work environment that can roll with the waxing and waning of this changeable, sometimes moody, personality. Cancers are great artists, designers, and musicians.

Leo - Known for craving the spotlight, Leo can be a valuable team member. Leos feed off companionship and attention, so they should seek out business opportunities that afford them opportunities to work with others, never alone or isolated. They make excellent performers, public speakers, and teachers.

Virgo - The most philanthropic of the Zodiac, Virgo individuals always strive to do what is right. Deeply contemplative, Virgos are often philosophers, healers, and counselors.

Libra - Libras are idealistic and can be disappointed when reality doesn’t measure up to their dreams. Libras must avoid their tendency to people and instead, press on to make their fantasies.

Scorpio - The dualistic Scorpion must make a cognitive decision to use their powers for good instead of evil. By tapping into their wisdom and emotional depth, they can be eerily intuitive and may be able to prove they actually do know it all. They are drawn to politics, business start-ups, and make excellent CEOs.

Sagittarius - Pace yourself, Sagittarius. The Archer tends to aim high and pull full torque before letting fly. Sagittarians love higher education, working outdoors, journalism, and humanitarian pursuits.

Capricorn - Capricorns have an excellent work ethic and are never content with “good enough.” They thrive in environments that allow them to be the best in their domain, where they are in constant motion. They are excellent builders, project managers, and property owners.

Aquarius - These deep thinkers are skilled at finding new ways to solve problems. When Aquarians put their strong minds to work on environmental issues, new inventions, or humanitarian projects, earth-changing things can happen.

Pisces - Often enrolling in college as “Undecided,” Pisces has a hard time deciding on a path because they are talented in so many areas. They should seek careers that will offer flexible time and plenty of vacation to allow for their down times when they need to recoup.

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