First Quarter Moon in August 2013: Take Action and Communicate

Take Action and CommunicateWhat does it mean when the moon is in the first quarter? It is known to be a time for communication and action. Is this true every time the moon is in the first quarter or is this specific only to this year, this August 2013?

Every month, really every 29 and ½ days, the moon cycles through its phases. There are eight phases to the moon’s cycle and they include: the new moon, the crescent moon, the first quarter, the Gibbous phase, the full moon, Disseminating phase, the third quarter and Balsamic phase. Then the cycle begins over again.

Here we are concerned with the first quarter moon which for August of 2013 is on the 14th. The first quarter moon is a time to take any action you need to take in order to reach the goals you have set for yourself. It is important at this time to communicate what you want, what you need and what your goals are. Both communication of your goals and action toward your goals are needed during this first quarter moon of August 2013.

Every time the moon moves into the first quarter it is as if it has survived being new and is now settling down and anchoring itself in the cycle. This first quarter is about growth, the tiny beginnings of growth that are fueled by your communication of your goals and your action toward your goals. In this way you will grow with the moon’s cycle and phases. It starts with the first quarter and how well you communicate your needs and the actions you take to achieve them.

Many astrologers will refer to this first quarter as “crisis in action”. You will see this phase in many articles regarding the first quarter moon. That is because action is needed but unless you can meet the requirement to communicate effectively and channel the energy effectively towards your goals; your action will be without fruition. The energy of this first quarter is the ability to act during a crisis. Many people who are born under the moon’s first quarter work as first responders or are very effective in a crisis or emergency situation.

The first quarter moon is a time for decision making and acting on the decisions you have made. It is a time for taking apart the old forms of your life and building new ones. The flip side of this energy is to catastrophize about one life – to create crisis where there are none in order to feed off the energy of the first quarter moon. The challenge is to move forward without creating unnecessary crisis. Remember the more you communicate your needs and goals, the more on target your actions will be during the first quarter moon.

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