Find the Real You with Astrology

If you have hit a slump in your life, don’t panic. It probably has to do with authenticity. A surprising number of people are not living authentic lives, as they prefer to mimic who they see on film, television or real life. This route will not make you happy.  Every person is unique. The twelve different signs of the horoscope should be enough to make that obvious. When it comes to personality, the Leo and the Cancer are polar opposites. Of course, there are even deeper intricacies that make up a personality, including sun signs, rising signs and all of the fun details that work together to create a whole person. So, perhaps you can see that it can all feel very false if you try to be something you are not meant to be.  

Here are some exercises to help you get to the root of who you are. Once you understand who you are, it will be much easier to live a happy authentic lifestyle. For one thing, you’ll finally stop comparing yourself to everyone else. You’ll understand that you are you. And that’s enough. 

Exercise 1: Set the Standard With Your True Qualities 

When you compare yourself to others, you will always fall short. Grab a notebook, a pen and a detailed horoscope report on your sign. Make a list of good and bad qualities that your sign is known for. This might include traits like: Adventurous, social, bossy, irritable, etc. 

Once you have that list in place, examine it. Determine the areas that your life lives up to the positive qualities listed. For example, Cancer is known for being incredibly sensitive. If you are a Cancer, do you give yourself an outlet for this character trait? Do you watch sappy movies, read sad stories or allow yourself to feel hurt if someone hurts you? Or, are you forcing yourself to live a life that does not give into your natural inclination towards emotion?  

If you try to force something you’re not, life can quickly become dull and unhappy. Whatever your sign, take the time to analyze the traits that exist and if you are honoring them. 

Exercise 2: Now That You Know... 

Now that you know your innate traits, live up to them! Try to cultivate the positive ones rather than the negatives, but be aware of the negatives. You will be a lot more forgiving of your indecisiveness, Gemini, once you understand it’s a part of who you are.   

Living up to your innate traits means trying some new things. For example, Aries is known for being a leader. Volunteering to head up a committee, a social group or a project will tap into that desire to lead a team. Most likely, the frustrated Aries will find immense pleasure in this leadership role as the trait is an innate part of his character, even if it has not yet been discovered.  

It is incredibly important to examine the list thoroughly and find areas where you are falling short of your natural inclination to shine. Taking the time to learn and understand who you are will help make you a more authentic person. Plus, it will give you a role model you can actually live up to.

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