February 7, 2012 - Full Moon

The creativity that has been stirring in you for the past few months will finally unfold on the Full Moon in February of 2012.  This full moon in in Leo, which is just the sign to help you begin to take the embers of your possibility and turn them into a roaring flame. While you might not know what you are called to do right now, your heart knows and this is the full moon in which you will begin to create the reality that you’ve only known as a vague idea. 

Show Who You Are 

The truth is that most of us aren’t quite sure what we want in our lives, but we know very well when we don’t have it.  With the power of the Leo Full Moon, we can begin to feel that we need to take a new path, and that in doing so, we will create a truer expression of who we really are. From that place, we can create great change and we can affect a greater peace in the world.  This moon challenges you to show up as who you are, not as who you think others want you to be.  When you can be yourself, you will begin to show your gifts to others, rather than blending in with the rest of the crowd. 

What Does Your Heart Tell You? 

For a moment, stop and think about what your heart is telling you to do right now. Does it tell you to rest?  Does it tell you to take action?  All of these signs and signals are waiting to be heard by you, but they are also waiting to be pulled into action. The energy of the full moon is the time when the energy is ripe for immediate action, and as the moon begins to shrink once more, you can rest and reflect on the outcomes of the actions you have taken. 

Connect with Others 

To ensure that you are able to create the most positive change, stop and think about how you connect to others. Leo is a gregarious sign, one that doesn’t keep quiet - and neither should you. This full moon is an opportunity to grow with others, even if you think you need to be by yourself all the time.  When you are connected to others, showing your true self, and taking action, this is when great shifts can occur. You can begin to truly alter the way that the world works because you’re not simply hiding in the fear that you don’t have something great to say. 

You and only you can give the gifts you have to others around you.  Though you might not realize it, you are on the threshold of something amazing and you are on the precipice of something joyous.  But you can only touch this beauty when you embrace who you really are in your heart. Show off yourself to the world - they’ve been waiting to finally ‘meet’ the real you.

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