February 21st 2012 - New Moon

In February of 2012, you will see the Pisces Full Moon emerge on February 21.  This is a time when awareness is beginning to emerge and when you begin to see the patterns in your life reveal themselves.   For many, this new moon isn’t just a time for becoming connected to something greater than themselves, but more of a time when you begin to see that you have something greater to offer.  You are just as great in the world as any higher power or source, and this is a moment where you can step fully into this knowledge. 

Becoming Aware 

On this new moon, you have an opportunity to stop thinking of yourself as being too small for this world.  You are born into power and you are both into possibility, and this is something to celebrate.  As the moon begins to shift into fullness again, you are offered the chance to speak up and be heard in the world.  You are at a time when you will see things more clearly and you will begin to understand that you are more than what you have allowed yourself to be at this moment.  The time has come for you to be the brightest being you can be. 

Energies Emerge 

This new moon is also a time in 2012 where you will begin to receive messages about the world around you and the energies that are ready for you to touch.  You will begin to have moments where your imagination seems to be running too quickly, giving you too many messages, too many ideas, etc.  This can feel overwhelming at first, but it’s a time when you should start writing all of these ideas down in order to use them at a later time.  While you may not take action immediately, the energy of this new moon is designed to unload the knowledge of the universe to you, and you are connected in a new way that you might not have known before. 

Listening to Your Truth 

With all of this energy and all of this possibility, it can seem as though you are unable to stay grounded or settled.  Instead of allowing the energy to overtake you, take the opportunity to be with yourself in a space where you can be quiet.  In this solitude, you will be able to connect with the knowledge and you will be ready to receive all that is being send to you.  Get out into nature or into another quiet space where you will be able to be present for these messages. 

The New Moon in February is a powerful one, one that will drive you forward into March and into the rest of the year.  While you might not understand all of the messages you receive, hold tightly to them as they will inform you of your next steps and they will bring you to the next level of your being.  You are ready to receive the energy of the world around you, and finally do something about it.

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