Does Everyone Have Psychic Abilities?

Psychics seem to be put into a place of special importance, as they can see into the future in varying degrees.  For some reason, it’s thought that regular people don’t have this same ability, leaving them outside of the possibility of a great knowledge of what’s happening in the world.  But is this true?  Perhaps there is more to the world than meets that eye and there are more people in the world that can access this greater consciousness, if only they would try to step into this new way of viewing the world – and viewing beyond it. 

The Inner Knowledge 

All of us have a greater understanding of the world around us than we realize.  Though we might think that psychics have a special gift, perhaps it’s more that they are willing to listen to the knowledge and the energy around them.  We all have a greater knowingness inside of us. We all have a knowingness that is always present and one that can tell us the answers to questions we might have in our minds and in our hearts.  Time and time again, it seems that when we listen to our intuition, to our gut, we begin to understand that there is something more in the world, something that is longing for us to tap into it, to believe in it, to access it. 

A Greater Consciousness 

Proof of psychic abilities becomes more apparent as we look at archetypes and stories across various cultures.  We begin to see similar patterns in the way that we live, even though there are certain groups that might never meet.  The archetypal patterns in the way that we approach the world allow us to understand that we have a place in the world and that we have access to the knowledge of our ancestors, if we are willing to step outside of what we think is possible.

Tapping into What Can’t Be Seen 

We all have psychic abilities, if we just stop to think about it.  How many times have you thought someone was going to call, only to have the phone ring moments later?  Or how many parents have felt something was wrong with their children across town, only to find out their feelings were true?  To cultivate your psychic abilities, you need to begin by trusting the feelings that you have.  Start writing them down and seeing whether your hunches prove to be true.  The more you pay attention to the signs in your mind or in your dreams, the more you will grow your psychic powers and begin to have more messages come to you, right when you need them. 

Everyone can access psychic powers once they stop, slow down, and begin to realize that knowledge is available to everyone.  Though you might not be able to touch a person and see their future, perhaps the psychic power you hold is the answers you have for yourself, and from there you can begin to live a more aware life.

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