December 2011 New Moon

While many people will be celebrating Christmas Eve on December 24th, the moon will be moving into its dark time, or into being a new moon.  This new moon on the 24th will be in Capricorn, which only makes sense after the lunar eclipse energy of earlier in the month.  This is a time for looking at reality and deciding whether you want to follow the rules anymore or if you want to change the way that things work for you or against you. 

The Stubborn Goat 

Though it’s safe to say that not all goats are stubborn, the energy of the new moon in December of 2011 might have more to say about fixedness than you might believe. While the new moon is a time when energy is settling, only to grow once more, the new moon in Capricorn speaks to the goat and about the idea of pushing forward, even if you don’t want to move. Sometimes, in life, we feel that we need to make things harder for ourselves than they really need to be.  Sometimes, we see a mountain before us and we decide that we just don’t want to put forth the effort.  So, if the decision is between doing something the hard way and doing nothing at all, it seems that there is only one choice to make. 

Choose the Right Mountain 

With ever shifting priorities in life, it can seem strange to question whether you should make things harder for yourself.  The human desire to is make things easier since that’s what you know, but if you want to change your life for the better - or you just want to change it to be different from what you know - you may find that things are harder before they get easier.  A good way to look at this is to think about whether the struggle you might face will be worth it - or you need to choose the right mountain.  Think about the things that you want to change in your life and decide what the consequences of those changes might be.  If you find the results are worth the effort, then you’ve found the right ‘mountain’ in your life.  But if you’re just not sure that the end result is what you want, then you might want to spend more time looking at your reality to see what’s actually real for you. 

Getting Over the Hills 

Once you’re in the space where you will need to struggle to change your reality, remember the image of the goat and how this goat does all that it can to move from one point to another, when it needs to.  A mountain goat hangs onto the edges of impossible cliffs and rocks, because it knows it needs to.  When you begin to feel that you’re loosing your footing, remember what you are trying to do and you will find that it’s easier to stay on track.  And even if you fall, you can always get back up and try again at a new mountain - or the same old mountain - until you make it to the top and over to the other side.

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