December 10 2011 Gemini Lunar Eclipse

Whenever there is a lunar eclipse, you can expect things to change – and this is generally a good thing.  In the past few months, you have noticed that many of your beliefs about things that happen in your life have been questioned – and this eclipse continues the exploration of your internal thoughts and ideas.  During this lunar eclipse, it’s a good idea to ask yourself what you believe is reality – and then decide if those beliefs make sense anymore. 

Question Everything 

While it seems easier to go through life without questioning a thing, the truth is that when you don’t question what you experience, you’re actually limiting the ideas you can have.  Since people change every day, we can’t simply think that everything stays the same.  Instead, start to question what you believe about your life, about yourself, and about others.  Write those beliefs down and begin to see if they still make sense, whether this is something that you question with your intuition or with cold, hard facts.  You need to start asking questions in your life, questions that can begin to open up the door to new truths – and new possibilities. 

Explore New Things 

Another way to begin to question your own reality is to step away from what you know to be safe and true.  Instead of following the same routines, look for new ways to travel to your job, to finish your work, etc.  Find new ways of living the same life, as you might find that these new ways can help you create a more balanced life or a more exciting life – or both.  You need to make sure that you are thinking about the ways in which you could make new decisions and take your life in a new direction.  For when you start doing things differently, you will begin to meet new people, find new energy, and see new results.  Take a new class, put on a new outfit, etc.  Find ways to reinvent yourself and you may just find the things you’ve been looking for. 

The Curious Twin 

When the lunar eclipse is in Gemini, this is a time for exploration and a time for being energetic and curious.  Even if you’re not naturally curious, take some time each day to find new ways to ask questions about the world around you.  By simply asking one new question a day, you could amass a large collection of knowledge, even about things you thought you knew completely.  Read new books, talk to new people, and try to get to places you haven’t been before.  All of these small steps will lead you to new ways of getting knowledge from the environment in which you live. 

The world is always changing, but today, it’s changing more than you might realize.  If you stop to ask questions in the energy of this lunar eclipse, you will begin to find answers you didn’t know you needed.  But you do need these answers, now more than ever.

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