Cycles of the Moon in September 2013 and Their Meaning for You

Cycles of the Moon in September 2013 We are all aware that each month the moon moves through a cycle of phases and each of those phases has an astrological meaning for each of us. The moon moves easily and quickly through each sign of the zodiac and through its phases every month. Every month the moon waxes and wanes. You will always do well if you remember that when the moon waxes you can be active and build things up. When the moon wanes it is time for quiet, for withdrawal, for solitude.

September's New Moon

The new moon in September 2013 falls on the 5th and in the sun sign of Virgo. This is a time to complete anything in your life that has been started and not finished. This is a time for preparing for new things even as you finish the old ones. This is a fairly slow time and the moon is certainly not waxing at this time. Your energy, your physical activities and your emotions may be a very low point right now. Don’t worry, as it is a cyclical process. This is a time for new beginnings.


The next cycle of the moon is a waxing cycle that carries us from the New Moon to the 2nd Quarter Moon. This is a very busy time. Focus on the growing cycle for the waxing cycle is a time for the planting of seeds and fostering their nourishment and growth.

2nd Quarter Moon

Now you have the 2nd quarter moon. This is often a place of decision, a critical turn, a place of importance in the middle of the waxing cycle. You will make decisions and then return to the planting, building or growing you started in the previous waxing session.

This 2nd quarter moon now moves you deeper into waxing. Your intensity comes up, you are very engaged and focused during this second waxing time that just precedes the coming of the full moon.

September's Full Moon

At this time of the moon’s cycle your emotions may feel out of control. The really aren't, but you might have to push yourself. There is also more creativity, more social interaction, and much more use of trust for intuition at this time. Don’t waste the energy of the full moon. It is special and only comes once a month. If you are in sales or any form of business, you should do well during the full moon. Just be on guard not to be impulsive at this time.

Harvest Moon

Now the moon is waning following the beautiful Harvest Moon. Many of the things that you started in the waxing and worked on during the full moon will come to fruition during the waning time. This is when all things come to completion. You will finalize things, check details and wrap up your projects. It is a time for harvesting or a time for weeding.

When you are waiting for the new moon to come back around, you will have the waning moon. Now you really want to get finished with your projects. You have a strong sense of urgency. This is the Balsamic Cycle. Go shopping for the best bargains you can find.

Soon you will find yourself looking at the resting moon or the ‘moon void of course’ as this is the final phase of the moon. As the moon moves through each zodiac sign it has a point that the planet is in the highest part of the sign. From now until the moon enters the next sign it is considered void. Don’t jump into anything during this time as your judgment will be compromised. Stick to the routine during this time.

The more you learn about the moon’s cycles, the more on target your responses can be.

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