Choose a Movie Based on Your Sign

It’s movie night and you’re standing at the video store, unsure of what to pick. What type of movie are you in the mood for? You forgot to come in with recommendations, so it’s ultimately up to you. Oh, what to choose... what to choose... Picking a movie does not have to be a struggle when you take your astrological sign into account. Although every person is unique and, regardless of astrological orientation, likes particular aspects of film or television, choosing movies based on astrological tendencies can up the odds on whether or not you’re going to like it.  

Here are some popular movie suggestions for each of the signs in the zodiac: 

Fire Signs: Aries, Sagittarius and Leo:  

The fire signs are known for loving action and adventure! Live out that fiery fantasy by checking out the recent Transformers films or the Bourne series, starring Matt Damon. These films offer a perfect blend of action and suspense, to keep the excitable fire signs on the edge of their seat. These types of movies will get the fire signs stirred up and eager to discuss the action sequences they have just seen.  

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn:  

As socially responsible people who uphold strong values, the earth signs enjoy watching this type of upstanding behavior mirrored on film. Movies such as Robin Hood or The Count of Monte Cristo will tap into emotions about what is right and what is wrong, and leave the earth sign feeling satisfied.  

Water Signs: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio  

Water signs, you are sensitive and emotional. Let your empathy soar with the heartwarming tale Slumdog Millionaire. This film about two poverty-stricken kids struggling to thrive in India will let you laugh, cry and cheer. Or tap into that quiet, mysterious sensuality, with the mix of intrigue and attraction in the Bond series. The Bond franchise has created several hits over the years, but the recent Casino Royale is certain to please.  

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius  

Air signs enjoy intellectual films that offer a mental challenge. Consider renting a foreign film with subtitles or one of the Oscar winning classics such as The Piano or Remains of the Day. The constantly conflicted Gemini has an especially hard time deciding what movie to watch and when. Satisfy that confusion with Big, the Tom Hanks classic about a man in a similar state. When a scary fortune teller machine slips him back in time, he may debate about the joys of staying a kid forever but ultimately, chooses his adult life. 

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