Capricorn New Moon – January 11

Capricorn New Moon – January 11As the New Moon approaches in January, the newness of the year is still fresh in our minds. Whether you’ve chosen to make New Year’s resolutions, or not, you have begun to wonder what your physical reality means. No matter what’s on your mind in terms of things you want to change or ideas you want to challenge, the physical world still matters – and this new moon’s energy might show you the answers you need.

The physical space you inhabit might be more cluttered or sparser than you want it to be. Looking around you, it might become clear your space is also showing you what your life has become and what you might want to do in order to change things. You may have noticed that you are feeling too stuck, and your space reveals this in the stacks of clutter that are present.

To invite the energy of newness into your life, it can help to think about changing your physical environment first before taking other action steps. Think right now about what you want your life to feel like. This can be as abstract as you like, or it can be concrete and solid in your mind. In either case, you will shift your energy when you shift your physical space. 

  • Get rid of what you don’t want or need – When you get rid of what you don't need in your home, you’ll be able to clear away enough space for things that you do want in your life. You’ll have room to invite new things and new resources.
  • Clear away space to breathe and to grow – Even if you don't get rid of things, there might be ways you can clear out space so you’re not tripping over things as you move in your home.
  • Move things around for a new outlook – Sometimes, just rearranging your space can help you see things in a new way. Try moving the couch to another side of the room. Shift your bed to a new area. Look up Feng Shui advice and see how the room feels after you’ve shifted something.
  • Clean the dirt away – Of course, if you want your life to be cleaner and fresher, it doesn’t hurt to do some work on the cleaning. Start cleaning every part of your house and office from top to bottom.

The more that you think about your physical needs and your physical space, the more you can see how your energy can be caught up in what you already have. So often, we focus on what we don’t have, when it’s really our attachment to old patterns that hinders us.

On this new moon, try something different. Do something different. Take time to make your physical space more inviting to the good things you want in your life, and you may just find that what you want is easier to obtain than you realize. You just need to make room for the things you really want.

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