Cancer New Moon July 18 – 19

Cancer New Moon PhotoWhenever you notice that a new moon is coming up, it should be a time to celebrate. Not only is this a time of new beginnings, but it’s also a time when you can start something fresh in your life. If you’re not happy or satisfied with something in your life, this phase of the moon encourages you to do something about it. Even though you may not see instant results for your efforts, you can know that every action you take is a step in a better direction.

The Emotional Energy

What you might notice about this new moon is that the energy is much more emotional than usual, because of the Cancer sign. When you step into the water sign of Cancer energy, you will begin to notice that the things you want to change in your life are the things that cause you to react in an emotional way. You might notice that you’re much more affected by the things that are happening right now, and this is a GOOD thing. When your emotions are present in your field, you can begin to see how your actions are impacting your emotional self. Change the way that you act and you will change the way that you feel.

Changing the Tides

You can change the tides of your life by writing down the things that cause strong emotions in you. This isn’t just a time to think about the things that make you feel sad, but rather this is a time for you to consider any of the things in your life that make you feel overly emotional or even out of control. Write all of these down and look over the list to see which one is causing more emotional upset. This might be the thing that you work on starting at this new moon or that you consider working on.

Riding the Waves

Once you have identified the issue to attend to, it may be a good idea to write down what you are thinking about this idea and what you are doing as a result. When you write your feelings down, it allows you to ride the waves of your life, even if things get choppy and upsetting. Though you might feel, at times, that you are not in control of what is happening to you, you can write down how this makes you feel, and then you can begin to understand what to do next.

The point of the new moon is to begin to change your life, not to necessarily find all of the answers. This energy allows us to become fully aware of the things we want to adjust and the things that make our emotions feel out of control. Of course, emotions are not a bad thing, especially when they drive us to change. We all need some sort of change in our lives as this allows us to become better and brighter selves in the world.

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