Cancer Full Moon – December 28

Cancer Full Moon With all of the changes that have taken place in the world and in the astrological realm, it becomes clear on the full moon in December that we also have to change. Though we might feel as though we are being swept up by the shifts in energy around us, if we’re not making personal changes, then we aren’t going to see the life we want start to emerge. The time has come for us to do more than just talk about what has already moved in the world, but we need to become a part of that movement as well.

When you’re thinking about the world around you, think about the ways in which your own personal changes are being mirrored. Look at the bigger picture to see what is happening – a shift in consciousness, for example – and then think about how you too can change in this way. You might not change immediately and you might not know how to take action on these levels, but you can begin to change and you can begin to see something different in your world, as long as you’re willing to take action.

There’s a saying that when you leap, a net will appear, and this is the time for you to trust in this idea. The universe is ready to allow you to have what you want, now that you know you want it, but if you’re not willing to trust, it’s not going to show you the way. You might need to take bold actions right now or you might need to start speaking up for the things you want. In either case, the more that you can show trust that you think more for yourself and for your life, the more you will see come into your life.

The time has come for you to say what you really want and to do something about it. If you’ve been thinking about a job change, for example, you might want to brush up on your resume skills and start looking for that ideal job. Once you do find the job, start applying and sending off your resume to see what happens. You may not know if you actually want to have a new job, but the more you do to make things happen, the more things are going to happen for you and to your life.

In a relationship, you might need to have that important talk in which you are truthful about what you need. This doesn’t mean you will get everything you ask for, but if you never ask, you certainly aren’t going to see the changes you wish to see.

During this full moon, you are riding the waves of change in the world, and when you start taking risks, you will see rewards. What kinds of risks can you take right now? What have you been wanting to do, but then stopped yourself from doing because you thought it was crazy? It’s not crazy. It’s time.

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