August's New Moon and What it Means for You

August New Moon 2013What will the new moon on August 6th, 2013 mean for you? Does it have any astrological meaning at all? The moon will be ‘new’ at 21:51 UTC on August 6th – or 03:51pm EST. The moon is in the ‘new’ phase when it is not able to be seen from earth because it has lined up exactly between the sun and the earth. Thus you have complete darkness over that part of the earth that is affected by the new moon.

So what does this ‘invisible moon’ mean astrologically and particularly this new moon in August or in the house of Leo? Whether or not you are a Leo, you will be impacted by the new moon on August 6th. This new moon ushers in a time for taking action. The time for being stuck is over and it is a time for moving. It is a time for physical exertion and activity. A time for visualization of what you want to accomplish in the coming weeks. Leo will bring fire, energy and big heartedness to everyone in the phase of the new moon. It is a good time to sign contracts, to move forward, to ask for things and favors.

The new moon means a generalized good feeling. The entire world will be able to access good feelings and be in a good mood. No matter what you sun sign is, this new moon in Leo will bring this positive new energy. The moment of the new moon or dark moon is a specific and unique moment in time and is not dependent upon any location. No matter where you are the moment that the moon is in perfect alignment with the sun is fixed in time.

With this new moon both the sun and the moon are in Leo. This is the very beginning of the cycle – a time of new possibilities but they are tentative. It is up to you what you do with the new moon in Leo’s energies. You can make an impact on the world right now in this new moon. You will feel the strength and the ego of Leo at this time.

You will want to go your own way and do things your way regardless of what the rules may be or what others may say. You will not accept that something must be done this way because it has always been done this way. With the Leo ego in full bloom, you will go your own way. This is true for all but especially true for those whose sun sign is in Leo.

Every new moon and particularly this new moon in Leo is a time for calm and seeing clearly. The passionate Leo will be able to put emotions and drama aside and see what is really possible. This is a time for asking and learning why are you here. What is your mission? What is your intention and what do you do next? The new moon gives you the calm you need to gain the answers before you proceed.

Unlike the sun signs that cycle once a year, moon signs cycle once a month. Moon signs can be descending, true and ascending each month. The phases of the moon impact your emotions, your sun sign and your tendencies. That is why it is important to pay close attention during the new moon in Leo.

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