August's Full Moon and What it Means for You

August's Full Moon We have seen what the full moon in July (Aquarius) and the new moon in August mean to us. Now it is time to look at August’s full moon in Leo and what it holds for all of us. Of course we are all aware of the ego, passion and vanity of Leo. Those born under the Leo sun sign will feel the effects of this full more a little more intensely than the rest of us, but all of us will be affected.

Leo is courageous, regal and spontaneous. All of us will feel this pull in our spirits as the moon becomes full in the latter half of August. This will be a great time to throw a party and let each person display their uniqueness and generosity. As mentioned with the full moon in July, this full moon also touches all that pent up energy and leads to a celebratory environment where conversation will flow freely. You may be surprised by what you say.

With a Leo-Aquarius axis, this full moon is special for everyone but especially for the Leos and Aquarius’ among us. Leos will find themselves presenting their uniqueness in many different ways. Leos will also be working hard to encourage the rest of us to be aware of and comfortable with our own dignity. On the other end of the axis, Aquarians are tuned into the larger community and encourages change that benefits the larger whole. Aquarius values the individual but they value them within the larger community. Aquarius will help us all to see the value of the individual within community and in an artistic way that Aquarians are known for. This full moon brings out the creativity in Aquarians.

With the full moon in Leo your desire to succeed, your openness to possibility, and your ability to focus are all heightened. Because moon signs can ground you in the midst of life’s haphazardness, the full moon in Leo offers us the opportunity to be both spontaneous and focused, both artistic and goal oriented, both able to see the world as it is and as it can be all at the same time. With the full moon in Leo, everyone will be in a better mood. Everyone regardless of their sun sign will be in a good mood.

Because Aquarius is a water sign, its focus turns to the humanitarian needs of the world and Leo provides the ego and confidence to act on that focus. So while the full moon is in Leo in August and the axis of Leo and Aquarius can be accessed by all of us, do something kind for someone who needs your help. Do something to help the individual be better within their place in the larger world community. Throw a party and celebrate your own uniqueness and individuality.

Whatever you do – do something. Take some kind of action. This is the perfect time to make a difference with your actions for the betterment of the world and the individuals within that world.

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