August 31 – Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon PhotoThe end of August in 2012, a full moon in Pisces will emerge. With this moon comes a new lesson for those looking to change their lives, which seems to be the main theme of 2012. The energy of Pisces this month offers the opportunity to see the bigger picture and to begin to understand our place in the bigger sense of the world. We’re not just singular people anymore. We’re part of a greater plan and community.

For those who don’t necessarily believe in a spiritual aspect, this energy can still make sense. When you look around you during this time, you may find that there are ways in which you become more connected to the people you know. You might find yourself in positions where you need to interact on a more frequent basis and you might find other ways in which you solve problems with the help of others, problems you may have solved on your own in the past.

This month may be a good time for you to evaluate the allies you have in this world. You might want to look around to see who is supporting you and who you want to support you as the months pass. While you may not have any larger challenges right now, you may have some in the coming months. With people on your side, you will begin to enjoy a new perspective and you might get help right when you need it the most.

For those who tend to be more solitary, this might be a time when you try to reach out to others that you know and to those you don’t know. Just by talking to someone in line at a store, for example, you connect to the greater community of the world. And you never know what that conversation might lead to in the future.

The full moon is a time of great energy and a time of great possibility. This is often a time when you realize goals and dreams, so if you’re in the process of completing a goal, this might be a time when you finally see success in some form. And if you’re not seeing success or progress, this might be a time when you try to reach out to others to help you get to that final stage.

With each full moon, we are able to tap into the growing energy of the cycle and to create a new path. While this is the height of the energy of the moon, this is also a time for celebrating. After all, when we reach another stage of the moon, we are smarter, wiser, and ready for the challenges to come.

During this full moon, it might be a good idea to look at the moon when it’s at its height and think about who your allies are. Who stands by your side and who hasn’t been there? The ones that have been around are the ones you want to reach out to next.

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