Astrology and Fortune Telling: What’s the Difference

In life, we all like to make predictions. We like to bet on who might win a popular sports game, how long a marriage might last or whether or not our favorite numbers will come up in a lottery. These types of predictions, although fun and frivolous, are typically not based on any type of scientific method. However, many aspects of looking towards the future are based in scientific fact.    

For some, astrology may seem as though it is simply the whim of whoever is writing an astrological column. Based on how good the astrological expert is that is hired to write a column, sometimes that sentiment is true. Most of the time, however, astrological experts get their thoughts and opinions about the future based on careful study of information amassed over thousands of years.  

Astrological signs, as a group, can share many factors but everyone is unique on an individual level. Many factors go into a personalized, astrological prediction. Things like: the position of the planets, the time of a birth and even the latitude where a birth took place. All of these things can play into a personalized astrological prediction, making it a science rather than guesswork.     

Those who know little about the field of astrology may confuse the science with other forms of fortune telling. With little information, the idea of predicting the future based on the structure of the stars may seem just about as likely as making predictions based on palm reading or the lines of the hand. Yet for years, farmers have relied nature, just as astrology does, in the book the Old Farmer’s Almanac.  

Old Farmer’s Almanac is a famous book in North America that has been in print since the late 1700’s. This book predicts weather patterns and suggests planting schedules. For hundreds of years, many farmers turn to it for predictions and information. Although this book provides suggested hints about the future, its predictions are based on specific formulas and averages based on weather information, research and even solar science.

It’s important to have an open mind when considering various aspects of fortune telling. Just use common sense. Walking around any downtown area, you’re bound to come across a tempting sign or two volunteering to read your palm or tell your fortune. If done correctly, these readings can offer insightful insight into who you are and some areas of your life you might want to reevaluate. Other times, these services are offered by scam artists who use little of the tradition or science to properly share the subject. When this happens, the result is similar to picking favorite numbers to win in a lottery. 

If you have doubts, consider the scientific history behind the method of prediction that is being used. Visit an astrologer, palm reader or fortune teller who uses tried and true methods and who comes from a personal referral. After all, why trust your future to just anyone?

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