Aquarius New Moon – Feb 9 – 10

Aquarius New Moon – Feb 9 – 10During our lives, we encounter a number of experiences and we meet connections who may end up helping us or hurting us. And we can’t be sure which is true until we dive into relationships with them. When things don’t go the way we want them to, we may end up with unresolved feelings, which we might bring into our new relationships, without even realizing it. This new moon, we have an opportunity to start letting go of the past, and to start reaching for the future.

Every month, and every day, we have a chance to try something new for ourselves. While we may think our lives need to remain a certain way, this is far from the case. We can change our stories and we can adjust our perspective in order to live a new life and to enjoy a new path.

If you find you’ve been holding onto old ideas or old problems, here are some ways you can begin to resolve these issues:


  • Talk them out – When you have old issues come up again and again, it’s because they weren’t resolved in the first place. If you can talk to the other person about what’s happened, and they’re open to talking to, it’s a good idea to sit down and get things worked out. You may not resolve anything and you may not become friends in the end, but the talking can help you let go of any lingering feelings.
  • Write a letter – If you can’t talk to this other person or you don’t want to talk to them because they’ve hurt you, then you can always write them a letter about your feelings. This letter might include how you feel, how you want to change, and how you want them to change. And you don’t have to send it to them either. The act of writing is powerful in and of itself.
  • Change your attitude – Another way to let go of lingering feelings or issues is to take on a more positive attitude. Think about all of the great things about your friend or partner, and focus on those. When you do, you may find that space opens up for resolution.
  • Get away from what you know – And if you still are having troubles letting go of the past or feelings from the past, get away from what you know. Try to get out of your normal routine and see if you can shake things up in this way.

The more you focus on letting go of what holds you back, the less these things or ideas or concerns will hold you back.

Though you may think you’re stuck in the same old story and that you’re stuck in the way you feel, you can always let these feelings go.

While it’s true that you aren’t going to have positive relationships with everyone, you can use this new moon to make sure you at least feel good about your part.

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