6 Simple Steps to a Spiritual Summer

6 Simple Steps to a Spiritual SummerAs the days get longer and the sunsets get richer, many people find they have much more time and energy to spend enriching their lives with positive practices. Summer is for healing and strengthening the spirit, but not many people truly benefit from the warm weather and bright sunshine. Instead of wasting the season distracted and disheartened, you can enjoy a serene, spiritual summer by sampling these six steps.

1. Unplug and Disconnect

As much as possible, you should avoid digital devices. Various studies have highlighted the potential dangers of overusing electronics, including weakened muscles and eye strain. Plus, the loud sounds and bright colors of your electronic devices prevent you from being in the moment, which means you can’t fully enjoy the day and the people around you with a beeping, flashing gadget in your hand. Place your phone in a drawer, power down your computer, and swap your e-reader for a paper book. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.

2. Experience Nature

Most children get excited about summertime because the warm weather allows for a wealth of exhilarating outdoor activities: running, playing, swimming, biking, and general exploring of the world outside. As an adult, you should reconnect with these innocent desires for outdoor experiences with natural adventures of your own. You can go for a hike and look for interesting wildlife, or you can lie out at night and watch the stars. You can even spend outside time with your kids, doing what they do best: having fun.

3. Create Something With Your Hands

The act of creation is divine, which is why artists (and mothers) are so highly revered in society. While your job may require you to think of new ideas and concepts that will help your company succeed, there is nothing quite as spiritually fulfilling as creating something physical with your own two hands. Whether it is a clay vase, an apple pie, or a growing garden, you should devote some time this summer to making something you can see, touch, and be proud of.

4. Be Generous

There is little in this world as spiritually fulfilling as helping others. Every human life is connected in this wide world, which means you should value every human life as sacred. The more you can give to aid the lives of those who struggle, the stronger the global community will be. This summer, you should donate time, money, and resources to those who need it. While you are in the generous spirit, you should also give freely to your loved ones to show them how much you care.

5. Read and Reflect

Books are powerful magic, able to transport your spirit to faraway lands and alternate times. By becoming immersed in a story or text, you can gain invaluable insight into others’ thoughts and emotions, which may elucidate your own feelings toward a subject. Reading opens your mind and heart, which grows your spirit in unexpected ways. There are thousands of spiritual texts that can inspire you to live a more satisfying life, and your spiritual advisor may be able to point you in the direction of books that would be important for you to read while enjoying the warmer weather.

6. Breathe

Though it is important to meditate and practice mindfulness during every season, it is especially crucial to remain calm and collected during the warm weather months. As long as you locate potential stressors in your life and protect your spirit against them, you will avoid burn out under the summer sun.

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