6 Amazing Sites to Read Horoscope 2016

Horoscopes 2016What will 2016 bring into my life? Is it finally going to be MY year – the year I start to shine, and things go my way? Most of us want to plan for the future, but we are unsure of where to start. How can we plan for something that is so mysterious? The secrets of the universe are available for those who know how to find them. They are written in constellations of stars and all of the heavenly bodies upon whose faces ancient peoples gazed each night as they drifted off to sleep.

“Fortune favors the prepared mind,” said famous chemist and microbiologist, Louis Pasteur. Miguel de Cervantes agreed: “To be prepared is half the victory.” So why are so many of us floundering? We prepare for events that we think might happen based on previous events, knowledge, and biases from our lives. But what if we didn’t need to use this speculative method of ill-informed guesses to predict what is to come in our lives?

Astrological prediction is the ancient art of studying the movements and positioning of distant cosmic objects and interpretation of their effects on human lives. More to the point, your horoscope is a jumping-off point based on the analysis of the planetary bodies that can help you better live the life you have been given.

These six websites provide remarkable insight into the events that will come in 2016 based on the application of astrology and divination by trained practitioners of the craft.

FindYourFate.com http://www.findyourfate.com/astrology/year2016/2016horoscope2016.html

“Find your fate on love, life, religion, and spirituality”

FindYourFate.com has released the 2016 horoscope predictions for all twelve of the Western Zodiac signs. These predictions include love and romance, career and finance, health, travel, and education. The proffered extended forecast includes advice, as well as planetary influences on each sign in the upcoming year.

Do you like to plan your day based on your Zodiac sign? FindYourFate.com boasts the 2016 comprehensive astrology, celestial, moon, and aspects calendars. Readers can further find information on meteor showers, planet retrogrades, planetary transits, and eclipses that are slated to occur in the next twelve months.

And no horoscope prediction would be complete without a thorough, month-by-month breakdown of what is foretold for 2016. Are you curious about the best day to ask for a promotion at the office? Do you have plans to go out for a new sports team, ask out that cutie from downstairs, or plan an epic bash? Be sure to check out the best and worst days of the month before you make any concrete plans.

FindYourFate.com is a great, informative resource for astrology, from pet and kid horoscopes to religion and the astrology of diet. It also includes daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for those who want a shorter scope. Learn more about Zodiac signs, numerology, Indian and Chinese astrology, gemology, and graphology on this site, alongside personals, e-cards, and an astrologers directory.

For those who delve into the darkest reaches of humanity, there is a link that explains all about the role of astrology in forecasting death. The site actually has a Death Clock for those with more morbid fascinations.



“Everything under the sun”

SunSigns.org has made public its astrology predictions road map for 2016, and it is chock-full of entertaining and illuminating facts and advice. Devotees of the astrological arts can choose their sign to pull up a comprehensive, made-to-order astrology prediction for the year ahead of us. This 2016 prediction includes predictions for relationships, career, finances, health, and a family forecast to help you make decisions in the near future.

Each annual astrological prediction is broken down on SunSigns.org into birthday weeks for more accurate foresight. Those whose birthday falls on the beginning of their zodiac spectrum will have a slightly different prediction based on planetary factors than those with a birthday on the end of the spectrum. There are also predictions for each month of the year.

From the 2016 prediction page for each sign, you can find more information on the numerology horoscope for that sign, and a thorough Chinese astrology prediction, as well. The prediction available for Chinese astrology has many of the same features as the Western Zodiac prediction, including love, career, finance, and health guidance, but with an Eastern flair.

SunSigns.org includes knowledgeable advice on relationships between signs who mesh (or clash!), the planets in their houses, the ancient art of I Ching, and Angel Numbers, to boot. Furthermore, there is a section dedicated specifically to safe home remedies for help in gaining comfort from physical, mental, and emotional ailments with natural and herbal cures.

The front page of this website is dedicated to articles that readers may find helpful for health and wisdom. These articles are well-researched to give readers insight into, for example, the many health benefits of popular and little-known natural foods, or the symbolism of totem animals.



“Astrology and horoscopes”

AstrologyClub.org recently presented their exhaustive monthly horoscope for all signs in 2016 based on the results of their knowledgeable investigations into the planetary alignments for the next twelve months. Unlike a great deal of sites, AstrologyClub.org recommends that you not only known your Sun Sign (the typical Western Zodiac sign most of us rattle off at parties), but that you additionally learn more about your Rising Sign, which is the Zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon the moment you were born. Learn more about your Ascendant (Rising Sign) with the handy link to their personalized natal chart. When combined, these two predictions give you a more accurate look at what is on the horizon for your upcoming year.

Beyond that, the website has a whole section dedicated to learning more about astrology. Visitors can learn more about the origins of the science, the connections between astrology and the Bible, customizable birth charts, and several different types of astrology. Some of those are archetypal, medical, karmic, and life cycles astrology. As a companion to all the forecasts, there is an astrology dictionary with terms and their definitions for novices who are looking to learn the important jargon involved in this fascinating art form.

Also offered are free reports for all visitors. Look deeper into your natal chart and solar arcs. Along with your natal and solar arc charts, you can get a good idea of your compatibility with a new paramour by reading your composite chart and Davidson relationship chart. The site offers an accompanying news section, with such features as ‘Astro Alerts’, ‘Where are the Planets Now?’, and ‘Becoming Your Sun Sign Month by Month’. Most readers will find the Upcoming Astrology Events list and the regularly-updated ‘Happy Birthday, Sign!’ useful.



“Free horoscopes, astrology, numerology, and more...”

Horoscope.com has published their 2016 astrology predictions onto a site filled with other useful and fun information and activities. Their 2016 horoscopes overview for each sign allows readers singular insight into the year to come, and they provide a link to premium prediction services hosted by a sister site, AstroCenter.com, where you can purchase a far more precise and personal explanation of what you can expect from 2016.

But 2016 predictions aren’t the best thing Horoscope.com has to offer. They offer peeks into the worldwide view of foretelling, using methods like Eastern astrology, Mayan astrology, and Numerology. Fortunately, you can sign up for their newsletter to get your horoscope e-mailed to you on a regular basis. There is also a link where you can get three free minutes with a psychic of your choice by phone or online chat.

Horoscope.com gives you access to daily tarot reading for your day in matters of the heart, or as a forecast for your future. It even has a handy link that will explain all about what the tarot cards mean, and what they mean for your life. Another exclusive feature for single astrology enthusiasts is the Dating tab, which leads you to their Zodiac match finder associated with match.com.

Those readers looking for fun ways to spend time have so many things from which to choose. The front page lists Top Stories, like ‘Rules for Dating a Lion’ and ‘The Bull as Boss.’ There are a ton of games focused on romance and flirtations, instant advice from genies, gypsies, and crystal balls, fortune telling through such methods as fortune cookies or Chinese fortune dragons, and other uncommon games such as Buddha’s Belly, Lucky Lady Bug, and Cast a Spell. For those more drawn to traditional games, the site offers word games, puzzles, daily games, and quizzes for any topic you could think of that relates to this intriguing art.



“Your friend, astrologer, and guide”

GaneshaSpeaks.com offers a unique, personalized astrology report for the year 2016. Instead of a generalized overview, the report is customized and broken down into each of the four quarters of the year ahead, and is an extensive source of advice and happenings in career and finance, health, and personal life. This paid report will be returned to you within 72 hours, and weekends are included in that time frame.

Also included in the Premium 2016 horoscope report are astrological highlights, expected planetary effects (and how to escape their negative trappings!), and even remedial solutions in the form of gemstones, yantra (diagrams and amulets), and more. It is recommended that you ask a specific question, and the answer will be returned within the multiple page report. This site has over 10,000,000 positive reviews of its detailed reports. However, for those who do not wish to purchase this highly tailored paid report, the site offers a seven-page report to them for free.

In addition to those features, GaneshaSpeaks.com offers weekly Zodiac reports concerning career and business, love and dating, relationships and sex, planetary movement and alignments, and more. With an easy link at the top of the website, visitors can go straight to their daily, weekly, monthly, and annual horoscopes arranged neatly on one page. With the entry of first name and birth date, visitors can get their own personal Star Guide. This guide has such features as Events Likely to Happen Today, Today’s Life Meter, and the Day Guide for You. An app linked to the website is also available for both Android and Apple devices.



“Horoscope and astrology”

Horoscopes-Love.eu has released its 2016 astrology predictions, and calls next fifty-two weeks, “The year of accomplishments, challenges, and growth”! On the site, you can find astrology trends for 2016, tips for the coming year, and a sufficiently revelatory horoscope for each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Likewise, there is a general annual overview that will be useful in a pinch to all visitors to the site.

Also available on Horoscopes-Love.eu are daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for each sign, as well as detailed Chinese horoscopes. Those with more particular queries will find what they need in horoscopes dealing with general physical health, romantic entanglements, occupations, and even special horoscopes for our animal friends!

Horoscopes-Love.eu offers a wealth of information for star-gazers, as there are illuminating explanations of the twelve Zodiac signs and their characteristics, facts on the constellations related to the signs, and the planets in the twelve horoscope houses and in the astrological signs. Have you recently started seeing someone new, and want to know if they are more than just a sweetheart? This website offers a love calculator, and instructions on which signs are compatible, and which signs should never be in relationships.

Other popular features are numerology, divination, and tarot reading. For those who want to delve more deeply, there is an extensive collection of wisdom on name meanings, dream interpretation, and, more than that, the inclusion of the famed predictions of Nostradamus! Visitors may then be obliged to seek Advice from the regular column, Ask a Psychic, or visit the forum where users ask and receive answers to their burning questions.

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