10 Adventure Ideas for the Fire Signs

Hey, fire signs! Monotony got you down? Part of what makes you unique and special is your ability to seize the day and try to squeeze as much excitement as you can out of this crazy little thing called life. If you have lost the ability to do that, it’s time to take action! Sometimes, all you need to get those fires lit again is a little bit of adventure.  Here are ten ideas designed to inspire adventure in your life. These exciting adventures are sure to put the pep back into your fiery step! 

1. Call an Old Friend
If there’s one thing a fire sign can’t stand, it’s getting stuck in a rut. Think of the craziest friend you’ve lost touch with. Find him or her on Facebook and give him or her a call. Hearing about the latest adventures your fun friend is having will inspire you to create your own. 

2. Go to a Toy Store
People get so civilized when they get older, don’t they? Part of the fun of childhood was the ability to be wild and free. Go to a toy store and pick out one toy to play with. The whimsical nature of this task will take you back to the days where simply playing war was a thrill.  

3. Ride Some Rides
Need a shot of adrenaline? Find the nearest adventure park and try out the latest, most daring roller coaster.  

4. Go on an Adventure
Want to shake things up? Save up some cash and head to the airport. Pick a random spot on the board and buy a ticket. Visiting a city you know little or nothing about will shake up the monotony of the day to day and get your adventurous spirit soaring. 

5. Do Something You Are Scared Of
Come on, the fire sign isn’t scared of anything! Well... maybe one or two things. Maybe you’re scared of heights. Of flying. Whatever your fear, commit to confronting it. The thrill of taking on this challenge will give you back your power.   

6. Get a Dramatic Makeover...
For a DayTired of the same ol’? Commit to changing up your look in an extreme fashion for one day. Switch up your hair and make-up, dress in a way that is totally opposite of what you usually do and enjoy seeing life from this side of the wardrobe. 

7. Hit on a Stranger
Love is the quickest thing to stoke those fires. Single or attached, try your hand at flirting. It’s harmless, fun and can make life exciting.  

8. Stand on a Rooftop - Really High Up
There is something exhilarating about seeing the world from a new angle. Find the tallest building you can and enjoy the view! 

9. Have a Water Fight
Fighting can rev up those fiery engines. Challenge your friends to a water fight and get that fun flowing! 

10. Jump Out of a Plane
Or take part in some form of extreme sports. Fire signs love a challenge and confronting one of these wild adventures will certainly put that fire right back into your sign.

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