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Oranum Featured Expert of the Week: Kelly Callaghan

oranum featured expert Kelly Callaghan"Hello, my name is Kelly and I have the unique pleasure of being both a Psychic and a Medium. As a Psychic I connect with Spirit Guides and Angels to answer questions and help you on your life path. As a Medium, I am able to connect and have conversations with your loved ones who have crossed over / passed away.


Oranum Featured Expert of the Week: TheTarotCafe

Expert of the week: TheTarotCafe"Life has a sort of spindle when it comes to you like a journey. It has no start and no ending, just like the universe in its passage through black holes and galaxies alike. But the way the stars coordinate just as our cards align is what makes the difference between awakening one’s realities and seeing what to do with them.


Oranum Featured Expert of the Week is: TXMEDIUM

Oranum Expert TXMEDIUM"This is TXMEDIUM. Who are you? Do you TRULY know? No worries, I didn't know either until my energy began growing up in new and fun ways which led me to this whole new world of my gifts and passions. Never in a million years would I have even thought I would be a teacher of energy since I used to be a teacher of academic material. Yes, I was a public education teacher for 11 years. No more! I now teach people like you how to better utilize their energy body and grow the energy up in new ways that align more with the planet's energies. The bonus is that I also work on the unconscious mind so when the energy is in transformation your thoughts are also neutralized and re-framed so the new behaviors created hold in place.


Oranum Featured Expert of the Week: Wayne Isaacs

ORANUM PSYCHIC MEDIUM WAYNE"I love working on Oranum and cant believe its been 5 years now and have given over 20,000 private consultations already. I love helping people from all over the world in the comfort of there own home were I have direct contact with my spirit guides as I don't need tools. I have been a Psychic Medium all of my life and have featured on many TV, radio and many magazines and newspapers. I was also the first ever Psychic to appear giving reading live on Irelands TV3 channel. If you come and have a private reading with me today I can offer you the following.


Oranum Psychic of the Week: Psychic Kay

Oranum Psychic of the Week: Psychic Kay"After a religious upbringing and a non-religious college time, I started my spiritual journey in 1998. Over the years I have read a lot of books, went to a lot of shamanic and astrology workshops and courses, did much inner work, and gradually found my own truth and developed my sense of what I could do with my life to make a contribution to bringing Heaven on Earth for all of us.


6 Simple Steps to a Spiritual Summer

6 Simple Steps to a Spiritual SummerAs the days get longer and the sunsets get richer, many people find they have much more time and energy to spend enriching their lives with positive practices. Summer is for healing and strengthening the spirit, but not many people truly benefit from the warm weather and bright sunshine. Instead of wasting the season distracted and disheartened, you can enjoy a serene, spiritual summer by sampling these six steps.


Oranum Psychic of the Week: Earthangels

The featured Expert of the week: Earthangels"Born in a Christian family, brought up around the Buddhist culture I would not categorize myself when it comes to religions. I do believe in god, but in my own loving version of the mighty creator... I don't believe god is watching to judge or curse us... Though I know I am a spiritual being and I knew always that there is something extraordinary out there.


Our Tarot Card of the week: The Devil

Tarot readingsThe tarot card associated with the 15th week of the year is none other than the Devil! But never fear, the Devil card does not represent evil... Rather, it symbolizes being bound to indulgence and material things.


Check out Best Locations for Meditations!

Nasir-al-Mulk MosqueNasir-al-Mulk Mosque

This beautiful shrine situated in Shiraz, Iran, was ready to be used in 1888 during Qaja dynasty (1785-1925) and was constructed under the ordeof Mirza Hansan Ali Nasir al Molk in 1876. The mosque is still active today and protected by the Nasir al Mulk’s Endowment Foundation.


Get lucky this Saint Patrick's Day 2015 with our 7 lucky tips!

Saint Patrick's DayToday may be your lucky day! Before you leave your house to attend the nearest celebratory parade, here are some things you can do to have a luck-of-the-Irish kind of day!


1. Hang a Horseshoe in your House Some believe the ends should point up so that good luck can collect in the storage-like container!

2. Pick a Four Leaf Clover The uncommon plant, which typically has three leaves, is said to bring good luck to those who find it, especially if they stumble upon the magical clover by accident.


Oranum Featured Expert of the Week: PsychicPower Prithy

Psychicpower Prithy Oranum Expert"Hello Everyone, Over 30 Years of Experience and of 5th generation from Psychic Medium Family. I am active On Oranum since Dec 2011 and have delivered more than 22800 insight and rendered service to thousands of members on board Oranum on various issues with above average satisfying result as predicted event hit in given Time Frame. My direct answering/advice will enable you to make right and timely decision in any aspect of life.


The Chinese New Year and You: Fortunes for the Year of the Goat

Year of the GoatWhile it often takes a backseat to predictions of the Western zodiac — that which includes familiar signs like Taurus, Pisces, and Leo — the Chinese zodiac can be as influential and even more descriptive of human traits and actions. As we near February 19 and the Chinese New Year, it becomes time to reflect on the history of the Chinese zodiac and what the New Year may have in store for those interested in Eastern astrology.


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