When you’re looking at a chart and you see one planets that is 150° from two other planets, and they’re separated by 60°, then you have a yod. This is a rare occurrence on a chart, and it looks like a ‘Y’ when it’s lined up and you draw lines between the planets. This situation is a sign that something special is coming up in your life at that point, and that you need to pay attention.

There are a few different ways in which you can approach the interpretation of a yod. For some, this interconnection of many planets can signal a time of confusion and perhaps even a time when you might feel a little off. On the other hand, some have chosen to interpret this alignment as being a time when you might look at what’s in the middle of the Y in order to see what is the positive focal point. Though this point is in opposition, it is also a point where energy is focused.

No matter how you choose to interpret this situation, look to see what the energies of the planets are and how they might interact with each other, as well as within your life.

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