When you’re looking into astrology, you may have noticed there are a number of different schools of thought. One such school is the Uranian school of astrology. Alfred Witte in Hamburg, Germany founded this school of astrology. Unlike other schools of thought, this school relies heavily upon the midpoints of a chart, interpreting them in relation to other points in the chart. What’s also interesting about this system is that there are other planets used in the readings, including: Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulkanus and Poseidon.

While these planets are certainly not real planets, they are used in these charts as hypothetical place markers and signs. While there is no one right way to do astrology, it is a good idea to see what other schools have to say and see what works best for you. Some find that the more details they can add to a chart, the better for finding patterns, while others prefer to keep things simple so they’re not overrun by details.

You may want to look further into the Uranian school to see what they have to offer in relation to the way you read charts now. You might find that you have more to tell others and yourself than you did before having this knowledge.

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