Also called a quadrate, quartile or tetragon, a square is found in the fourth harmonic, or 90°. This is a time when you will have a hard aspect, and that is a sign of challenge and concern. You will find that when things on your chart are square that you will have to deal with feeling of unease or tension. While these are normal parts of life, these square times might be more challenging to those who are already in times of uncertainty.

 You will also find that when planets or signs are square that you are called to take action in your life. Perhaps this is due to tension or divine intervention, it’s certainly not clear. What you will notice is that you’re called to do something about what you’re feeling and you’re excited about doing something about things.

When you begin to feel tension in your life, it’s a good idea to look at your chart to see how the stars and planets are lining up for you. You might find that things are in a time where they are simply positioned to remind you that life isn’t always easy. But you can work through these times as easily as the stars move in the sky.

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