Located in the sixth harmonic, or at 60°, a sextile in a chart is a time of benefit for the person whose is the source of the chart. Called an easy aspect, when you find a sextile position in your chart, you can look to see how this energy will benefit you or how it will create opportunities in your life. You might find that these times are when everything just falls into place, even though you’re not doing anything in particular to change the way that you are living or interacting.

When you see things like this in a chart, it can be a good idea to look at the other planets and signs on the chart to see how they relate. You might be able to get information about how to proceed with your plans as you are lined up for opportunity and good things.

At the same time, you might also want to look ahead to see where a sextile might occur, allowing you to prepare for the time of opportunity and good fortune. Not all aspects of a chart are designed to be challenging, after all. Some are there to help you out in life.

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