Saturn Return

A Saturn return is often a feared event in one’s life, or it’s something that astrologers point to as being a turning point, a time of change. Based on the idea that it takes Saturn 29.4 years to orbit the sun, each time Saturn returns back to your place in the sky, this is a time of great transition. To have one’s Saturn return is to find one’s self in a completely new position in life, and one for which you might not be completely prepared.

This will look like a Saturn return birthday or transition around the age of 29. During this time, you might begin to feel a little out of balance or that you need to evaluate the way that you’ve been looking at your life. On the other hand, this new energy can also bring about the motivation you need to create a certain change in your life or to start fresh. You will have another Saturn return around the age of 58 and then another about 29 years later.

With each Saturn return, the planets come back to their original position, but you are a changed person, so you may not have the same response as you did before.

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