When you say that a planet or a sign rules a chart, you are saying that this part of the chart will influence the rest of the chart in some way. Though this doesn’t sound like it will change the way that a chart is read, when you think about the way that this interaction can impact the way you look at your life, you can see that having one energy over all other energies is a significant thing to know.

For example, if a person’s chart is ruled over by the planet Mars, then the person might find they have more interactions around the idea of battle or conflict. While this doesn’t mean that their life will be chaotic all the time, it can mean that a person will have troubles finding a way to rest. Or they might find themselves in situations where they continuously have to stand up for themselves.

When reading a chart, stop and think about what the ruling signs or planets might be, as these might change the way that you give advice to someone else, or it might change the way you view your own life, your decisions, and your direction.

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